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Help please!

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      Hi community,

      In September i found i have melanoma. Since then i have my moments, i try to still positive but the doubt it's a very dificult thing.

      My melanoma have 0,8mm; 0 mm2 (mitotic rate), and it's not ulcered, no vertical grow, linfocity brisk.

      I think because the chances now it was a 1b? It is correct?

      I has the safety margin and i have a big scar on my chest, also did a biopsy SL, but i don't now the resoult yet, and this is kill me, i pass all day reading this about melanoma, i think i still hypocondiac, because if i still any pain i thing is related.  How do you lead with this?

      I always considered myself an heathy person and now i have afraid to lose it…I now it's commun but i only have 32 yeas old?

      Can you help me please?

      Sorry about my english, iam from Portugal.


      Thanks a lot and good look



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          My best advice is to stay off the internet.  Honestly.  It won't help, it just feeds your anxiety.  Wait until you have your SLNB results.  Then if they are negative (most likely scenario), you just continue on as before with the addition of more derm visits and more sun safety.  If it is positive, cross that bridge if you get there.  There will be plenty of time to research THEN if that is the scenario.  Doing it now won't help your anxiety at all.

          I was diagnosed with stage 1a, in situ, and 1b 25, 17, and 16 years ago.  First primary at age 29.  I'm 55 now and I'm still stage 1b.  Hang in there!

              Thanks so much. I has reading your response and my hear is beating so much…I have very ansiety in my body.

              It has very difficult to me to stay away to the Internet, but i will try. Thanks for your advice.

              I wish the best for you.

              Thanks for yor help.


              Ahhh, Julie, I'm sorry about your diagnosis.  Janner is right – try to stay off the internet and don't worry before you have something to worry about – it is very likely that your SLNB will be negative.   Walk, exercise, talk to friends, read a book, have a glass of wine – do anything to distract yourself.  You might get online just once to look for breathing techniques to help you calm down.  Good luck!


                Como Janner mencionou, não se preocupe até que você tenha alguma coisa com que se preocupar! A profundidade do seu melanoma e taxa mitótica colocá-lo em uma categoria muito boa em relação a esta doença. meu melanoma foi de 1,2 mm com uma taxa mitótica de 3. Isso ocorreu há seis anos e fiquei livre de doenças desde o meu SLNB em 2011. Tente relaxar e aproveite sua vida enquanto isso e tome as devidas precauções em relação à exposição ao sol. Minha esposa e eu visitamos Lisboa, Estoril e Cascais. Você tem um belo país para aproveitar a vida!


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