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Four down, one to go

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      It’s good to share good news, as it gives hope to some who may feel a bit hopeless.  If you are in the thick of battle, hang in there as the future remains unpredictable.

      I just reached an important and surprising milestone.  Four years since my last major surgery and end of all drug therapies.  I just got my annual scan results and I remain stable.  Apparently once you reach 5-years, your overall survival chances start really going up.  I’ll keep knocking on wood and try to keep the stress levels down.

      This is especially interesting for me as my battle, with seemingly non-stop progression, through every drug, surgical, and radiation treatment was also 4-years, until I had my final surgery, and chose to go drug-free after that and take my chances.  I was just done, tired, after the hardest four years of my life, and coming precariously close to the edge at least twice.

      I now accept my war wounds, from scars, lymphedema, and vitiligo as constant reminders.  Yet I remain focused on today, tomorrow, and with some luck, retirement to someplace less sunny and playing with grandkids.

      This forum brought both sorrow and invaluable help, and I owe much to you all who are willing to share, and bare your souls in the name of helping others.  To all the warriors I wish you strength in battle.  If I can make it, so can you.

      Aloha, A hui ho, Gary


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          Congrats Gary and thanks for the hope!


            Glad you have continued good news, Gary!!!  Much deserved!!!  Sorry for the daily residuals, I know they are unfun – but better than some options, right?  Thanks for sharing.  Enjoy!!! love, les
              Thanks Gary – am glad you are doing well.

              Your case helped keep me going years ago – as you know, I always remember your grapefruit sized tumour, and how you had it removed, pretty grim for you, but that seemed to do it. I was dealing with continued steady progression at the same time, and your experience and posts gave me much hope, and helped keep me going,

              Best wishes Mark


                Thank you for sharing. There is nothing I enjoy more than reading survivor reports. Enjoy life.
                  Aloha,  It was brought to my attention that you live in Hawaii. My husband & I live on Maui. I’m glad to know you are doing well. Wanted to see if you found a Melanoma specialist in Hawaii. Our Dr isn’t.  I just joined this forum this week as my husband had a severe reaction to the Immunotherapy after 9 months of treatments. They were treating him for an infection and I told the Dr I thought it was from the immunotherapy. Anyway, they got it figured out, but I thought we were going to lose him. Would be nice to connect with you to learn more.



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                      Gary your story of battle and survival has brought me hope many times as I continue on my battle through melanoma. Thank you for continuing to share with us! I wish you decades of a joyous retirement filled with lots of time spent with your grandkids — no doubt you deserve it!
                        Aloha Gary, I agree with JudiAU, there is absolutely nothing better than hearing these updates.  It is true joy!  So happy for you and may the retirement years be more relaxing!
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