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Fast relief from Cobi/Vem!

Forums General Melanoma Community Fast relief from Cobi/Vem!

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      On Tuesday of this week, I started the first part of my new treatment plan by taking Vem and Cobi and WOW what a difference that has made!!!!!!!! In less than 24 hours, I was FINALLY able to eat without pain again — something that has been beyond uncomfortable for me for the past 2 months while I dealt with these lesions in my peritoneum. I ate three full meals yesterday and will again today and they all felt normal, amazing, PERFECT. I don’t want to make it sound too grand, but it was a HUGE relief and made me realize how much pain I was walking around with and what a weight that has been.

      Now, here’s hoping that this fast relief and the Atuzo immunotherapy that I’ll be complementing it with soon will bring long and lasting success!!

      Always happy to hear from those who were part of this trial and those who have had long-term success on the inhibitors.

      Sending hugs to all of you fighting your own battles today. I know it can get dark sometimes.

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          I am so happy you are feeling better Amanda. I truly believe in my heart, you are back on track and going to be on top again very soon.


              Thank you so much, Trent!! I am cheering so hard for you too! Let’s remain hopeful for each other.

              Sending hugs to you,

              Hi Amanda, am glad you are feeling better and hope that this combination (triplet) will work for you
              Please keep us posted on how this trial goes
              Good luck Mark
                  Hi Mark, I certainly will share how it goes, but I wanted to share that this combo is actually FDA approved…no trial for me just yet.
                  Sounds like a good start. Being able to eat and sleep comfortably are essential (and as I’ve learned from Mike’s posts, the back side of eating is essential also). Now atuzo has got to settle in for the long-term.
                    Wonderful news and so glad you finally have some relief! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the triad works even better towards your healing.
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