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Diagnosed with Melanoma In Situ but sore lump nearby

Forums General Melanoma Community Diagnosed with Melanoma In Situ but sore lump nearby

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    Josh L
      Hey Everyone!

      I am a 28 y/o male who was recently diagnosed with melanoma in situ. My mole was on my stomach and was growing for about 3+ years (pics confirmed). It was about 1cm squared in size. I had it biopsied and came back as in situ “non invasive”. I had my wide local excision 2 weeks ago and healing up now.

      Still waiting to hear results of the surrounding skin/excision to confirm the original biopsy result. The nurse I called at the surgeons office said at a glance it looks like they got it all. I habe a followup booked with the surgeon in 2 weeks. I don’t know if that means “got it all and its still an in situ diagnosis” or could mean “got it all in the excision” (could be stage 1 or 2?).

      I went back to the derm around the time of my excision surgery and had him biopsy 2 more moles. They both also grew a lot upon reviewing older pictures. Both are also on my trunk area, sort of near my confirmed melanoma. I still have a ton of other atypical moles that look exactly like the one that came back positive. They are smaller, but same exact colour and shape etc. My derm never asked to do a full body exam even after the original diagnosis. I had to ask him to remove the other two that he did. Again, I have others that remain on my body all over.

      My main concern right now is that I have had very noticeable dull, constant pain in my abdomen (first noticed pain/fullness feeling about 5 months ago), and a recently discovered lump right around where I think the pain is coming from. The lump is pea-sized, between my ab muscles and my skin. Its a clearly felt lump, no question. I am unsure if that is what is causing my pain but it is RIGHT where I feel the pain and also right next to where the mole was removed.

      I am terrified that it could be a swollen lymph node from stage 3 melanoma. So I had 2 ultrasounds done that found no other reason for the pain. No mention of swollen lymph node. Which is weird, because I can 100% feel a hardish lump… so what is it??

      I am now booked for a CT scan in the next few days.

      My question is simple – could this be melanoma even though the confirmed mole was shown to be “in situ” and thin by he pathologist? Is there still a chance it spread? Maybe it had spread from one of the other moles in the area that are currently being reviewed?

      Any knowledge on this would be appreciated. I feel lost and concerned.

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        Josh L
          I should also clarify that I felt the lump before my biopsy and surgery. So I do not believe it is related to healing or the surgery itself.
            I hate it when no one responds so I will. It could be a pimple or cyst. It could be evidence of spread along with the other moles you had removed. You won’t be able to guess any better than that until your scans are done.

            I am not impressed that you had didn’t have a full body scan when your melanoma was reviewed. That seems off. Assuming your scans are clean I’d find another dermatologist.

            Josh L
              Thanks for the response Judi. I am nervous for the CT scan.

              I was referred to another derm by my newly acquired family doctor. However the new derm will not be able to talk to me for 4-6 weeks apparently. This has me concerned and feeling sort of hopeless – like nobody cares.

              I guess the CT scan is the only thing I have that may help me find out more.

              I could be wrong in thinking this but if I can physically already feel the lump, what will the CT scan do as far as finding out if its cancer-based? Should they not be either biopsy-ing it or sticking a needle in to sample the lump?

                Talk to the nurse of your derm’s office and explain that you have already been diagnosed with melanoma and you Ned full body skin check sooner. My derm front desk will schedule me in 4 months if I would not ask totalk to the nurse. The nurse usually moves me in like tomorrow.

                It’s good you are getting the scan. The scan should show what’s going on.

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