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      So just finished my last  Nivo treatment today (24 of 24 every two weeks).  Other then a rash, I've been cruising through these treatments with no problems other than fatigue a day or two after the treatment.  The last treatment my creatinine level number jumped to 1.88 and yesterday it was 1.83.  The onco gave the green light to proceed with this final treatment.  As an fyi, this is a adjuvant treatment for stage 3C.  As my creatinine increased my hemoglobin count decreased and today I'm at 11.7.  The onco will recheck levels in a week but I don't see a quick fix to this kidney issue since the half life of Nivo is 26 days and 12 weeks to actually clear it out of your system.  Anyone have any kidney issues with Nivo?  I know steroids can be used but no one on my team seems overly concerned at this point – me not so much!

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          Didn't have kidney issues but it killed my thyriod, I am on 6000mg of potassium plus eats lots of food high in it and my level is still low. I add tons of salt and I cannot get my sodium level up to the minimum and my chloride is low. Never had any issues with these before. My electrolites have to be way out of wack.


              Do your hands tingle? Possibly when sleeping?

              My thyroid is also impacted by Nivo. If I forget my levothyroxine pill for two days then my

              hands start to tingle in a significant way.


                no hand tingling.


                Hi Steve,

                There have been some reports of nephritis with nivo in the literature…but it is not a very common event. As you have probably already determined, normal creatinine for a male is usually around 1 – 1.2, so yes your level is a bit high and may indicate some decrease in your kidney function (ie creatinine clearance).  The trend is more important than isolated lab values, so checking it again soon is a good idea.  Further, if it doesn't resolve, I would request to see a nephrologist as this could be related to nivo or something else entirely.  I hope the level will be lower at your next check and turn out to be "just one of those things" that we find when we are checked and rechecked in our weird little melanoma world.

                Yours, celeste


                  Hello everyone!  I have a question to add, sorry…

                  My hands tingle especially when waking up, but my blood levels are normal.  Is the tingling a Opdivo side effect?  This has happend since i started taking opdivo back in 9/18. I currently just completed my 15th treatment.  Thanks in advance.  Hugs, Susan

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