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Could this be lung metastasis

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      I had results from recent CT scan today.
      Report didn’t mention melanoma, but inflammation on both lungs(ground glass opacity) A repeat scan scheduled for 3 months. I am 5 years post ipi/nivi treatment and NED.
      Has anyone else had this experience? If so what was the outcome.
      Feeling sick with worry…
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          Hi Gerry,

          As you know, melanoma is of the devil and can do most anything… However, “ground glass” appearance is a term often used by radiologists to describe pneumonitis – which is literally inflammation of the lungs. It is not a term used to categorize tumors. Pneumonitis and wheeze/dry cough are fairly common side effects of immunotherapy. Not sure if you experienced any of that when you were on therapy. I did and that is how my lungs were often described though I was post melanoma lung mets which were removed surgically before I started immunotherapy. Pneumonitis can be caused by many things – irritation from drugs, colds, flu, covid, pollution, asthma, etc. If there are no symptoms, then no treatment may be needed. If nagging cough or wheeze are present then inhalers like those used for asthma patients can be very helpful. If extreme, steroids and other drugs may be needed. Also, in the words of the Wizard, Dr. Weber, regarding immunotherapy – “This stuff is weird!” My last dose of immunotherapy was in June of 2013 and I still have occasional flares of the same joint pain I experienced then, flares of rashes, and pretty consistent dry mouth. So…all that to say, try not to worry too much and I think it is good that they are planning to do a follow up scan in 3 months.

          For what it’s worth – celeste

            Thank you Celeste for your response, very much appreciated.
            I have researched Ground Glass Opacities in lungs, and it looks like not typical of metastatic lung melanoma, as usually it manifests as a solid tumour. As you say melanoma plays it’s own game of Witchery!
            If it wasn’t for the CT scan, I would be totally oblivious to any underlying condition.
            Thank you once again from not too sunny Scotland…
              Any chance you’ve had Covid? I’ve heard that description used many times. I now know so many weird and fascinating/icky facts about my body from being scanned so frequently.
                  I did have Covid way back in January, but very mild symptoms.
                  I have been reading a lot of past posts on this forum and GGO seems to crop up, so not a completely unexpected phenomenon.As you say when your been scanned on a regular basis, things appear that would be undetected in the general public! I suppose if it turns out to be something, it will have been detected early enough, which is the purpose of the CT.
                  Many Thanks for your response, very much appreciated…
                  Just a wee update.
                  Lung issues have resolved themselves in my recent scan.SO now almost 6 years past ipi/nivi NED..
                  I have to especially thank Bubbles, for her undaunted commitment to this forum, you are a true hero!!
                  Many dark nights spent looking for a glimmer of hope in the face of despair!! People keep posting positivity…..
                      Hey Gerry,

                      Thanks for your kind words. So glad things resolved spontaneously!!! Hang in there and keep on keeping on!

                      Yours, c

                      I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling worried about your recent CT scan results. Ground glass opacities (GGOs) are a common finding on CT scans, and they can have a variety of causes, including infections, inflammation, and cancer.

                      It’s good news that your report didn’t mention melanoma, but it’s understandable that the presence of GGOs has you concerned. It’s important to keep in mind that GGOs can be caused by many different things, and not all of them are serious.

                      Since you mentioned that you are 5 years post ipi/nivi treatment and NED, it’s possible that the GGOs are related to the immunotherapy you received. It’s not uncommon for immunotherapy to cause inflammation in the lungs, which can appear as GGOs on a CT scan. However, it’s also possible that the GGOs are unrelated to your previous treatment.

                      The fact that your doctor has scheduled a repeat scan in 3 months suggests that they are monitoring the situation closely. This is a good sign, as it indicates that your doctor is taking a proactive approach to your care.

                      While waiting for your follow-up scan, it’s important to try to manage your worry as best you can. Focus on taking good care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet, and stay active. Consider talking to a trusted friend or family member about your concerns, or seeking support from a mental health professional if you feel that would be helpful.

                      Remember that while waiting for test results can be difficult, worrying won’t change the outcome. Try to stay positive and take things one day at a time.

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