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Could it be nodular melanoma?

Forums General Melanoma Community Could it be nodular melanoma?

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      Hi, I’m writing for my husband – 55 years old, fair complexion, green eyes, history of sunburn in the childhood. No melanoma in his family, no smoker.

      He had his moles recently checked with digital dermoscopy and the dermatologist said he has a hard to touch, papular, erythematous mole in his back that has to be surgically removed because it’s atypical and it has changed since his last examination (about 2 years ago: that mole was already there). It is dark pink, round, elevated and has a regular shape. It’s sometimes itchy (for ex. When sweating).

      I am awfully scared because it seems me a nodular melanoma (I’m not a doctor, I’ve read on Internet about it).

      I know we have to wait for the results of the hystological examination, but I wonder why the dermatologist didn’t say or write a word about any possible diagnosis of that mole. I thought dermoscopy could be helpful in distinguishing nodular melanoma from other skin lesions.

      My husband had acute leukemia 9 months after our wedding, he won the battle against it, my dad died of two primary cancers and now, such a nightmare again?

      You see I really need your help. Thank you.

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          Hi Rosie,

          I am so sorry for what you and your husband have already endured and the stress you are currently dealing with.  Many, many, many different types of nodular lesions can form on the skin.   Could it be melanoma?  Of course.  However, there is really nothing you can do until the pathology report returns.  Melanoma can look many different ways.  Guessing won’t help. The only way to get a definitive answer is to attain the pathology report.

          I hope that the lesion is something benign and now that it has been removed you can move forward easily.  However, it is important to recognize that the world of melanoma treatment has completely changed since 2011.  Melanoma is no longer the death sentence it once was.  And while I really do not wish that diagnosis upon you and your husband, I have been LIVING with melanoma since 2003.  Even after lung and brain mets that developed in 2010 BEFORE current treatments were available, I am still here, thanks to finally getting access to immunotherapy.

          So, hang in there.  Will keep fingers crossed for a benign lesion.  Know that there is hope even if the diagnosis of melanoma is made.  Ask more questions as you have the need.  I wish you my best.  Celeste


            Hi Celeste, first of all I’m happy you are doing fine!

            Thank you for you kind and wise words. Being by my side, you’re helping me a lot. I’ll keep you informed.

            Bye for now,

            Hugs, Rosie


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