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      Good afternoon!

      It has been a while since I dropped by so I thought I’d give everyone a brief update. Right now I’m in the middle of my 4th round of Temodar. Most of the time since the last cycle I’ve been very fatigued and haven’t been online much. My last brain MRI showed three questionable spots and I’ll have another of those coming up by the end of June. My doctor wasn’t sure whether the spots on the MRI were new melanoma mets or whether they were spots that the Temodar was already attacking. The radiologist wasn’t exactly sure about them either.

      The Monday before Memorial Day I spent the afternoon and evening in the ER, dealing with pain from several new skin spots and increasing shortness of breath. The chest CT they did revealed that the mass in my chest has grown greatly since last summer and is now pushing against the left tracheal branch and the pulmonary artery. I also had a small amount of fluid in my left lung that at first they were afraid was pneumonia. They wanted to keep me in hospital overnight but let me come home if I promised to make an appointment with my doctor. That’s coming up on Tuesday.

      So I’m still hanging in. Not feeling great but also not feeling terrible. I guess we’ll soon find out what comes next.


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        ed williams
          Good luck Bill, nice to get an update on how you are doing!!! Ed
            Ditto, nice to hear from you Bill, but sounds like you are going through a lot. I’m hoping they can get the lung stuff under control so you feel a little bit better (shortness of breath is no fun). Hoping the temodar keeps attacking everything. Glad they let you go home though, in the words of Dorothy from Oz, there’s no place like home. Hospitals are exhausting. Finger’s crossed for this week.
              Hi bill, sorry you not so good at moment but keep your spirits up and keep fighting.xx
                  Dear bill, am sorry for this, hope they can control what isin your chest and that the end June scans (just did mine Friday results later) will be favourable
                  I hope they can come up with a creative treatmenr; sorry about the ER but good you are back home
                  Best wishes Mark
                  Hey Bill!! Dang! Sorry you are dealing with all that. Hopefully, your doc will get a good plan for you in place Tuesday. Hang in there. You are one tough cookie!! celeste
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