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Another Plan Of Action!

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      Hi Family, i dont know if i ever mentioned a group i go to, an organization called weSPARK i went about a month ago for my first time before all my drama and before biopsies confirmed my newer Melanoma tumors, the group is all us men with various cancers, and im the only one with Melanoma. I went today, havnt been there since my first time (meetings every Thurs) and i got to open up about everything that you all know about, and between the men & the leader (an MD himself) all agreed I need to just go down right away to the Angeles Clinic and try and see Dr Hamid, sob, cry, weep do whatever, i have MEDI-CAL (he takes it) so, if they can pull me in we can role out the insurance “wrinkles” as im being treated, if that can happen then ill drop Kaiser and file for “Straight” MEDI -CAL and everyone wins, i get treated and they get paid, i understand they need a paycheck to, we all do, we like food….
      So Tuesday im going down to Hamids, its my life on the line and if they can work with me, Ill file to quit Kaiser, that way im covered and dont have to wait 45 days for the change to take effect!
      The group weSPARK is great, its a free program, yoga, acupuncture, art classes, Tai Che etc check out their website, pretty cool ….the energized me, i WANT HAMID! Hahahaha take care guys…
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          I LOOOOOOOOVE this plan! weSPARK sounds amazing….just like you! c
            Hell yeah !!!!!! This is your life Mike – put yourself in the best doctor that you can find. Dr. Hamid – Hell yeah !!!!!! We had a small experience with Kaiser Permanente – very unimpressed with them. Their doctors seemed so disinterested.
              Cyndie in Texas
                Very good news! You are you own best advocate!
                Hallelujah! (spelling?) I’m still so sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else, but I hear real relief in your words above, this is what you wanted and deserve. I would want to see Hamid too. You know me, I’m a big believer in support groups, so glad you have weSPARK. We love you Mike and all you put out into the world for people, and if you still need verbal or written support during this process, you’ve seen how verbose many of us are 🙂

                Drop Kaiser like a hot mic!

                  Way to go Mike! I don’t say a whole lot on here, but have been following your story pretty closely. We have to stand up for ourselves, and mostly for our lives! Praying everything works out with Dr. Hamid.
                    Right on, Mike! Keep us informed.
                      Hi Mike. This is all new to me, diagnosed in may, stage 4. I’m one of those who comes here and quietly reads without saying much. This place gives me hope and inspiration. Mike, your story is one I’ve been following, I think it gives us all some hope that you’ve been fighting this for so long. I’m rooting for you buddy, so keep on fighting, and I’ll stop by every day to check on you. Keep me doing that for another 10 years at least.
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