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I grew up in sunny south Florida and spent countless days enjoying the beach. I have a nearly olive complection. I have numerous moles, esp on my back.I am 48 y/o happily married mother of 5. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan 2002 and had a total right mastectomy. When I went for final post-op appt to get set up to begin chemo, my husband pointed out a flesh/pink colored mole to my surgeon. The mole was perfectly round and was growing upward ( like a small pencil eraser). Turned out to be an amelanotic melanoma. Even though the last 10 yrs have included many scans and surgeries and treatments, they have been overflowing with God’s amazing blessings, peace and joy for our family. We recognize that it is a gift for me to still be alive here on earth. I hope to somehow glorify my Savior with the days He gifts me with & I certainly pray that I will have many years left to come. I have benefited from reading the entries on this site and hope to contribute by blogging my experiences, as well.

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