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I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma this past March, 2010. I had no primary, just a very small bump, pea size under the skin below my rib cage that continued to grow. Both my GP and Dermatologist diagnosed it as a “dermato fibroma.” After a few months, I requested it be removed, as it was getting uncomfortable. When the pathology report came back melanoma, we were all shocked! My dermatologist had never seen it present itself this way, there seems to be no primary. However, 5 years earlier I had a large mole develop out of nowhere on my back (difficult for me to see) and had it checked by my GP and diagnosed a blood blister. 8-12 weeks later, completely falls off and is gone and no trace of anything on the skin. We conclude this most likely was the primary melanoma that was misdiagnosed as blood blister and my very active immune system took care of it…for awhile:( All tumors have been in the same general area (right trunk) and have worked their way up into the right axilla lymph nodes and right breast.

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