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It is said that I am a white lotus flower?“What key” Lin elder sister asks in reply she stands up helpless “You won’t discover the key is not on the body to now” Shen Huachu “” Well I really didn’t find how to break it Look at Shen Huachu this stupefied expression no need to continue to ask Lin Jie knew she guessed right sighed this little sheep Lin Jie shook her head in her heart she took out the key stuffed it into Shen Huachu’s palm frowned and explained “After sending you I returned to the company when I was ready to get off I found that your key was lost in the car PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials but at that time I still had a job so I didn’t send it” “Thank you Sister Lin” “Well don’t thank me Be careful next time” Sister Lin glanced at Shen Huachu “Are you ready” “Mmm” “Then go back and rest quickly What are you waiting for” “I” Before Shen Huachu had finished this sentence Sister Lin interrupted him with a frown Come on I’ll take you back With that Sister Lin turned around and left without giving Shen Huachu a chance to refuse Shen Huachu looked around and trotted to catch up Sitting in the car Shen Huachu thought Sister Lin would send him home but then Sister Lin took him to the place which made him a little surprised and puzzled because Sister Lin drove him to a high-end residential area not far from the crew and Shen Huachu remembered that this high-end residential area seemed to be the next place for the crew to shoot Well it’s rented as the man’s residence and the woman’s place to work Sister Lin Shen Huachu sat in the car a low cry he did not understand why sister Lin would bring him here originally he also wanted to ask what to do here but the heart inexplicably stopped him from asking this sentence out loud Sister Lin did not answer but drove around a corner and stopped in front of a door Sister Lin turned her head and looked at Shen Huachu She began to drive people “Well we have arrived Go back to rest quickly” Shen Huachu “” Rest Why is he a little confused about this sentence What’s the matter Sister Lin saw that Shen Huachu did not move She turned her head and looked at the house number again “I remember correctly This is your house” Shen Huachu “” Until I got off the bus and watched Sister Lin drive away Shen Huachu still didn’t recover This is a high-end residential area with excellent location very good environment and extremely high rent price It’s his house! Think about it Lin Jie will not have nothing to cheat him Shen Huachu came to the door with the key in doubt a few keys tried one by one really let him open the door China Chemicals Suppliers It seems that my body in this world is really a big trench Shen Huachu shook his head “If you rent it to someone else you can live well if you collect the rent every moonlight” I don’t know why I did that in the original text Walking into the room the layout of the room was fresh and elegant and it looked very comfortable Shen Huachu looked around estimated went to the bedroom rummaged out a suit of clothes and put it on the bed ready to take a shower and change it Now he should go to eat something A simple bowl of Fried Rice with Egg Shen Huachu finished eating touched his stomach and leaned on the sofa to watch TV for a while then went to the bedroom to take a bath with his clothes after all this Shen Huachu relaxed and lay in bed to rest sleepiness hit and soon fell asleep Sleeping peacefully at this time he did not know what was happening on the Internet in this world Micro-blog is one of the largest communication platforms in the network nowadays where more than 10 million users communicate or talk about what happens in their lives every day This evening an ordinary user account posted a picture which attracted a lot of attention and forwarding The picture is very simple but the person in the picture is not simple The man with a gentle face on the left of the picture looks familiar to many people Even if some of them do not chase stars they all know who this person is So the question is who is the teenager beside the movie king!! A bunch of rice shreds crawling over the net exploded after seeing the picture “*** didn’t General Manager Huai say he wouldn’t take the play recently” I remember too! Didn’t you say you wouldn’t take the play Above don’t you think your focus is a little crooked! The point is who is that teenager “_ ( 3”) _ PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials The teenager’s face value is a little high and I feel that my strange aunt’s heart is a little ready to move” “One I’m ready to move too I want to pinch a few times” “I think the focus is still on Huai Zong ah I feel that Huai Zong looks at the juvenile’s line of sight is very gentle am I a masked palm civet!” “You’re not and I feel the same tenderness” ” (/w w) Gentle and domineering Huai Zonggong X Ao Jiao naive sheep” “…… That’s enough for you That boy is not General Manager Huai’s brother is he “Does the person above seem to be stupid Think about the identity of General Manager Huai If he is really a younger brother he can only be a [private] [son]!” A group of people with a crooked focus I just want to know which movie General Manager Huai is making Why hasn’t there been any news recently ……………………………………………… The next morning awake in a strange environment in bed for a few seconds Shen Huachu remembered that he was now in another home scratched his hair turned over and sat up from the bed After washing the time had passed 830 and it was almost nine o’clock Shen Huachu changed his clothes and went out walking slowly in the direction of the crew On the way he bought two steamed buns to eat It’s good to be close and it’s good to have less scenes Chapter 38 The Second White Lotus Flower For more than ten minutes Shen Huachu walked while eating steamed buns When he reached the crew he finished eating the two steamed buns in his hands He rolled up the plastic bags in his hands and threw them in when he passed a trash can Shen Huachu clapped his hands and looked at the studio not far from him He took a deep breath and exhaled Entering the studio Shen Huachu was shocked because inside there were several poor (not) actors being scolded by director Li

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