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Lei Hao slowly took back the battle in his hands, and then slowly split out with a knife. Thirty-six members of Lei Bu Zhengshen’s face was almost filled with despair. At this time, a thunder and lightning with tens of feet wide split between Lei Hao and thirty-six members of Lei Bu Zhengshen. Although a violent pressure burst out from the center of the thunder and lightning, Lei Hao felt the familiar pressure, the movement in his hands stagnated, stopped, and looked at the thunder and lightning tightly. After the dazzling purple light dispersed, a figure with his head up and his chest out, his hands on his back and his wings on his back gradually appeared. Lei Hao fixed his eyes and saw that the man’s body was twenty feet long, his face was like blue, his hair was like cinnabar, his eyes were violent, and his teeth were full of teeth. Thirty-six members of Leibu Zhengshen saw this strange man, his face suddenly filled with joy, and he said in chorus, “I’ve seen the general.” As soon as the monster opened his mouth, there was a rumbling sound like thunder. “A group of wastes were beaten by several monsters and could not return their hands.” As soon as the words fell, a big pass knife with the screams of ghosts all over the sky hum a knife to the head of the strange man, it was the lion camel king who launched a violent attack. The strange man was not afraid at all, and when he was about to block the knife,gold heap leaching, a blue dragon crescent moon knife suddenly burst out from the side, holding the scarlet big pass knife of the lion camel king firmly. As soon as the Lion Camel King pulled his eyes, he looked at the owner of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, and found that the man was nine feet long, with a beard two feet long, red phoenix eyes, lying silkworm eyebrows,manganese beneficiation plant, a face like a heavy jujube, lips like fat, covered with imperial clothes but wearing steel clothes outside. After looking at the people, the lion camel king turned his head and looked carefully at the blue dragon crescent moon knife. But after the bearer takes back the green dragon crescent moon knife, the look in the eyes also has been staying on the lion camel king’s big pass knife. After a few breaths, the man raised his sword and folded his fists. “Please forgive the demon king,” he said with a straight face. “I don’t know the demon king’s name. What’s the name of this sword?” The King of the Lion Camel shook his sword and said with a laugh, “This king is the King of the Lion Camel Mountain in Nanshanbu Island. This sword is called Ba Jue Dao. Who are you? What is the name of your sword?” “I am Guan Yu, a military general,” said the man, shaking his weapon! This blade is called Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Then a demon and a God laughed at the same time and said, “Good man, King!”! Good broadsword! Then he brandished his broadsword again for a day, and the cold light of the sky was mixed with a huge sound of gold and iron. After the Lion Camel King and Guan Sheng’s eight pairs of mung beans fell in love at first sight, tin beneficiation plant ,magnetic separator machine, the strange man with wings on his back took out a glittering stick from nowhere and pointed it at Lei Hao, saying, “Are you the demon king of Wanjun?” Lei Hao nodded with a cold face and did not answer. Seeing Lei Hao nodding his head, the strange man added, “I am Lei Zhenzi, the current Lei Gong of the Lei Department. I am the brother of Nezha and Yang Jian. You defeated Yang Jian but did not hurt his life. I hereby solemnly express my gratitude to you.” Then Lei Zhenzi bowed respectfully to Lei Hao and made a salute. Lei Hao drooped his eyelids and did not know what he was thinking. After bowing, Lei Zhenzi’s eyes were full of murder. He looked at Lei Hao and said, “But you shouldn’t have killed Nezha. So you must die here today.” When Lei Hao heard this, he raised his eyelids and looked at him. He said in a low and strong voice, “The king is here today just to save my brother, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. I don’t want to create any more complications. Besides, your skill is not enough to avenge Nezha. So you’d better go back and practice for thousands of years.”. You’re not Nezha. If you die, the king won’t regret it, and no one will come to seek revenge for you! Then Lei Hao walked to Sun Wukong step by step with a sword composed of knife gas, without even looking at Lei Zhenzi again. Lei Zhenzi’s face a black, feeling like received a great insult, waving the hands of the golden stick jumped up, severely hit the head of Lei Hao. Lei Hao, who had been holding back his anger, finally broke out. He turned around and went up again regardless of everything. He slammed into Lei Zhenzi with red eyes. Lei Zhenzi’s golden stick hit Lei Hao’s head heavily, and the huge anti-shock force made him step back steadily, but Lei Hao was unharmed. Lei Hao castrated and bumped into Lei Zhenzi’s body, and stepped back to pick up the sword in his hand to chop him in disorder. Lei Zhenzi was first hit by Lei Hao, his whole body was full of blood, and he couldn’t help spitting a mouthful of blood. Before he could recover, Lei Hao brandished his sword at him. Startled in his heart, he hurriedly danced the golden stick in his hand airtight, blocking all of Lei Hao’s offensive. Lei Hao, who was nearly on a rampage, chopped a few strokes at random, and felt a light in his hand. When he fixed himself, he found that the hilt in his hand had turned into a pile of tiny iron foam. He immediately abandoned the hilt in his hand, leaned close to his body, and hit Lei Zhenzi with his fist. On the other side, after Lei Hao and Lei Zhenzi fought together, the Macaque King and the Yu King turned into two rays of light and rushed straight to the trapped Sun Wukong. But as soon as he flew halfway, he was repelled by two dark figures. After the Macaque King and the Yu King stabilized their bodies, they burst out in unison: “Who are you?” “I am Emperor Zhenwu. Sit down, General Turtle.” A simple and honest voice came. “I am Emperor Zhenwu, the snake general.” A feminine voice came. King Macaque and King Yu were furious when they heard this. They raised their weapons and rushed up to kill the two generals. At this time, the celestial battle of Jinxian level in the heaven has already come out, while the three most powerful roles of the Bull Demon King, the Jiao Demon King and the Peng Demon King have not yet made a move. There has been looking at Lei Hao, a pair of hands on the golden cudgel jump,Carbon in Pulp, I do not know what to think of Sun Wukong! Orange has something to do temporarily today. I have a busy day, so this chapter is not updated until now. I hope you will forgive me. Chapter 112 Havoc in Heaven Five. With a sullen face, the Bull Demon King took a step forward without saying a word and went straight to Sun Wukong in the battle.

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