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My 14 year old son had a growth near his anus that appeared to be a wart. A biopsy revealed that it is melanoma – 9/1/10.

Surgery to remove “wart” and three other growths. 10/7/10
CT/PET/MRI all clear 10/28/10
SNB clear on 11/18/10 – NED begins!

He is extremely athletic and looks, acts and feels the same as always.

Started Interferon in December 2010, handling it extremely well.

Turned 15 years old in February, 2011. 🙂

CT/PET clear 3/11 – NED

CT/PET clear 6/11 – NED

Six months of Interferon complete, 6/11
Completed 591 mile bike ride along West Coast in July of 2011

Stopped Interferon 6/11 (6 months) due to side effects and decision to live life and not suffer from medication.

Next scans: Sept. 2011

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