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Megs Melanoma 2nd round

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      Hi Ellie,
      Now that its been a few months since your comment above, has anything changed for you? I just started my combination Taf/Mek journey and at 2 weeks Im seeing really terrible side effects.
      After lots of push back because of COVID-19, I finally got in to see my Doctor. The physicians assistant recommended that the site be drained and I would need to take antibiotics to clear the now rash and blisters around my incision and if that doesnt work in about 3 days, I need to come in and have antibiotics given intravenously. He left to discuss this with the Head doctor and he recommended that I only take antibiotics (amoxicillin) and continue to use the topical cream to clear the skin infection. They determined from my blood results, that the infection needed to be handled first and that the drainage from my tube hole would drain in time.
      Day 3 since my tube removal and my fever is gone and when I woke up at 3:45 this morning I had some serious swelling and pain! Then I laid back down until about 9am and when I had my Fiancé help me up, I felt a rush of fluid drain down my side and into the gauze. Thats when I decided to message my care team and tell them I need an appointment to remove the fluid, to which, the head Doctor did not recommend. He was the fluid to come out on its own.
Viewing 1 reply thread