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Initial consult beginning of April 2013…Punch biopsy mid april, came back moderate atypia…full excision end of april, came back level 2 stage t1a….wide local excision scheduled for end of May, awaiting 2nd opinion from last excision..will get more … *No new details, just confirmed diagnosis… no WLE on 5/30, ENT doc wan’t comfortable with procedure, refered me to Plastic&Hand for consult then schedule WLE from there… :-/
Plastic&hand appt… took love handle spot, moderate atypia, completely excised… Skin graft on ear..
Pathology came back NOT clear margins, graft JUST healed, time to go in and do it all over again…
7/26-huge excision, clear margins, ear looks terrible but melanoma-free…
10/04/13 Have an appt this wed to see primary doc.. recurring daily severe headaches, complete loss of coordination, falling, etc.. will update what i find out..
10/9/13-went to primary doc about headaches and coordination… left with anti despressant to treat tension headaches.. gor script filled but have yet to take it, been keeping ajournal of headaches and taking ibuprophin instead in the mean time..Strongly disagree with taking these meds, have a follow up nov 8th at which time he will start imaging if the meds have not worked…think ill call him and move appt closer for imaging, have had headaches EVERY day, mild-moderate, a couple severe…today is most severe, with extreme fatigue, something is wrong. 🙁
***Appt 2/14 with neurologist. Headaches every day, amitriptyline no longer working, extreme pressure in head, ears, eyes, nausea, limb numbness and tingling, profound fatigue, constant ringing in ears, hurts to move eyes…etc..etc..etc..

**April 2014 until present… Ditched prescribed meds, cancelled all upcoming neuro appts, began using marijuana tincture, 2 droppers per day, twice a day for 3 weeks, headache free up to present!

** June 2014.. Obvious regrowth on ear, lymph node involvement? Node doubled in size over weekend, (maybe unrelated, but also last night under my eye swelled up in a matter of mins, has yet to go down)
Appt with Primary doc tonight 6/16.

******I am very fair skinned, many sunburns in my life… Face is always red, even in the winter…. Skin is sensitive to everything, from the hot water of a shower to how easily and severely it burns…

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