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Fair skinned, red hair (strawberry blond?), blue eyes. History of severe sunburns, but never excessive sunbathing because it is pointless.
Trained as a reading specialist, but haven’t taught in quite a while. UPDATE…01/15/2014…just trying to blog in order to get the word out about the Paleo/CrossFit lifestyle we are now leading. Still doing well and feeling realy great.
Married to a great guy for 22 years…took the second try to get it right.
All is well, August 2016.
One grown son of whom we are very proud.
Two beagledogz who are really not so terribly spoiled. UPDATE 01/15/2014…the beagle sisters have sadly passed on at the ages of 14 and 15…we adopted a beautiful 11 year old lemon beagle girl in 2011 who is spunky and precious now at the age of 13.5.
Favorite hobbies are road cycling, drawing, step aerobics, and cooking. UPDATE 01/15/2014 make that new love CrossFit and OLY lifting. Still love cooking but went from vegetarian to Paleo (go figure…always loved to cook and loved to eat which used to be a problem…now I eat all I want and still stay lean!
Love most any FOOTBALL team with special bias toward Clemson (alma mater) and the Carolina Pathers and only the Tampa Bay Rays with regard to baseball.

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