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Kim K

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Single mom of two young girls, Jade and Emma. I endured 2 years of infertility treatments after my initial melanoma diagnosis for Jade, and another 8 months for Emma.

Initial mel on my right shoulder blade on my bra line. It began to itch, my insurance co-pay was down to 0 so decided to get it removed. Derm assured me it was “nothing”.

Primary tumor was 2.06 mm, Clark IV, non-ulcerated, no regression, no vascular or lymphatic invasion, low mitotic rate. Mild TIL reaction.

7 1/2 years later a back x-ray showed a mass in my lung. No symptoms but now stage IV. My melanoma spread via the blood stream, lymph nodes are normal.

I am now enjoying being in the 6% club. I have too much to do to begin to think of even dying! I don’t have time for death…. I WILL set the tail of the survival curve for stage IV.

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