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“Princess, today is a big day for the return of three Dynasties. Get up quickly. Wang Ye has got up early.” Ji Nian Nian did not get up, Mu Mu dull at the mercy of two servant girls, until the servant girl pushed her to a high bronze mirror, she did not react.?? Who is the man in the mirror? She is white and beautiful. How can she wear such fancy clothes? She frowned. “Green Sakura, get a new suit.” Green Sakura has always done things calmly, can not help but ask: “Princess is disrelish this dress is not gorgeous enough?” When Ji Niannian heard this, he panicked and said, “Do you want to be gorgeous?”? Terrible, she rubbed her temples, “plain and clean, plain and clean, see what Xianggong is wearing today?” Bai Wei hurriedly went to inquire about it, and came back breathlessly after a while. “Princess, it is said that Wang Ye is wearing a blue dress today.” Ji Niannian listened to hurriedly command: “Then I also wear green, green gauze.” Ji Niannian went out neatly, which made people’s eyes bright. In the past, she always wore fancy clothes. Today, she wore a blue gauze skirt and a pearl headband on her head. Her little face was full of vitality, just like a lotus pod. Lu Shen is handsome, and whatever he wears is the icing on the cake. But it happened that Ji Niannian stood beside him and did not feel that he had lost the color. Let’s go, Xianggong. Ji Niannian’s eyes were shining, staring at Lu Shen,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and his heart sighed: “It’s so handsome, like a small green onion.”. Lu Shen took one look at her, and his eyes flashed a trace of surprise. He took her by the hand and put her into the carriage with his own hands. Smiling like a spring breeze, he said, “Madam, I’m riding a horse outside for my husband. If I have something to do, I can send someone.” Ji Nian Nian hair creepy, this fellow changed face too fast, this just out of the gate,lamella tube, immediately put on a show of love? Not to be outdone, Ji Niannian had a shy face. Two red clouds were flying on his cheeks, as if he were going to fall to the ground in the next second. He smiled like a weak willow supporting the wind: “Xianggong, take care.” Lu Shen’s expression was a little stiff, and he turned over and got on the horse. Ji Niannian snickered in his heart, “only you are allowed to play?”? I’m not allowed to act? Who was she afraid of than acting? General’s mansion. Today’s general’s mansion is bustling, which is not a common scene in a serious and tidy mansion on weekdays. General Ji Baitian and his wife Wen Wanjun sat in the main hall, standing beside three sons, several people have been staring at the door of the general’s office. Wen Wanjun couldn’t stand the anxious waiting. She couldn’t help twisting Ji Baitian’s arm. “Why haven’t you come yet? Is Anping Wang not good for us?” Ji Baitian frowned and pinched his wife’s jade hand into his palm. “Don’t think about it. You didn’t hear the news in the palace yesterday.” Wen Wanjun’s eyes were misty with tears: “Husband, when I think of the grievance Nian Nian suffered in the palace, I feel distressed. Thanks to the fact that Nian Nian married the King of Anping, if someone else, I’m afraid he will be bullied in vain.” And the woman began to sob. Ji Baitian put his big hand gently on her back. “No, no, isn’t there her father and me here?” Wen Wanjun cried even louder: “What’s the use of you?”? You have to have a reputation, otherwise how can Niannian have only a little dowry? General Ji was silent, fine bubble diffuser ,lamella clarifer, and the three little generals looked at each other. As for the younger sister Ji Niannian, they liked her very much when they were young. After all, she was very beautiful. But later, when she grew up, and her mother was a little spoiled, Niannian became more and more arrogant and domineering. Their brothers could not stand it. I wonder if the King of Anping could endure it? We are all men, and we are more sympathetic to men. The three little generals of the Ji family silently lit the root wax for the King of Anping. My Lord, my lady, here we are, here we are. The chubby gatekeeper ran in with a happy face. At this time, Lu Shen and Ji Niannian came together, and the boy behind him carried the return ceremony prepared by Anping Wangfu. A full ten lifts, this can be regarded as a heavy gift. Ji Botian smiled and nodded, yes, yes, although Lu Shen this boy has no father or mother, but it is still safe to do things. Whether the new daughter-in-law is satisfied or not can be seen at the door ceremony. Lu Shen waited for the waiter to put his things down. Then he stepped forward and said, “Pay your respects to my father-in-law and mother-in-law.” Ji Niannian followed behind Lu Shen, secretly looking at two people, Ji Fu, mighty and magnificent, Ji Mu, beautiful and plump. Ji Baitian and Wen Wanjun looked at the pair of people in front of them and showed a happy smile. As the saying goes, the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was. Wen Wanjun now forgot that Ji Niannian had been wronged in the palace, but she thought how could this girl become beautiful after three days of marriage to Anping Wangfu? Wait for the meal to be served. Ji Baitian took his son and son-in-law to drink tea. Wen Wanjun hurriedly pulled Ji Niannian into the wing and whispered. As soon as she entered the door, Wen Wanjun pulled Ji Niannian around in a circle. “Niang, look, I haven’t seen it for several days. I wonder if you’re used to eating in Anping Wangfu?”? Do you sleep soundly? Although Ji Niannian knew that this was her own mother, she had been an orphan since she was a child. The first time she was cared for by such words, her heart was still warm. This warmth could not help but make her eyes warm: “I’m fine, Niang, Niang.” Originally thought that he had played so many plays, called out these appellations already numb, but just this Niang, or let Ji Niannian feel that he really has a mother’s child. When Wen Wanjun saw that Ji Niannian was about to cry, she thought she had been wronged in Anping Wangfu. She immediately had an expression that she wanted to kill Lu Shen. She hugged Ji Niannian’s shoulder and asked, “Niannian, is Wang Ye not treating you well?” Ji Niannian was stupefied. A mature and sensible child should shoulder all the problems by himself. Especially when she saw Wen Wanjun’s scattered white hair, she blurted out: “Xianggong treats me very well.” After saying this, she was afraid that there was nothing convincing, and immediately she was so shy that she blushed and dared not look at Wen Wanjun. Wen Wanjun is an experienced person, which can not understand this kind of little children’s charming state, immediately laughed: “Good for you, good for you.” Now her heart was finally in her stomach. Ji Niannian teased Wen Wanjun for a while. Suddenly, Wen Wanjun looked sad and murmured, “I didn’t expect that Niannian would be sixteen years old in a twinkling of an eye. After getting married, she became sensible. Niang used to be reluctant to let you grow up, but now she feels that it’s good to be big.” Ji Niannian was quite touched, and suddenly he was reluctant to die. If he died,disc air diffuser, could his mother, who loved her so much, stand it.

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