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My husband was diagnosed at age 40 as stage 3. He was seen by our local oncologist after his lymph node was removed and chest x-ray and blood work was performed. He was seen in May 09, then in Aug. 09, then in Dec. 09. as he was leaving the dr. office he doubled over in pain. I finally convinced him to go to the ER two days later where they diagnosed him as stage 4 with it in his liver and lungs. He started IL2 in Jan. 10 and then Feb. 10, then started the clinical trial, had several setbacks and had to stop it twice. He then was removed because his absolute neutrafils were too low. He was recently taken off the chemo with two tumors still left in his liver. His bone marrow just won’t kick back in and he has been having too many problems with it. They had gotten as large as 9cm, 7 cm and 5cm and 1cm in the liver and then everywhere in his soft tissue and two in the lungs that were in the mm. They shrunk down to 3.1 and 1.8 and the rest were gone. The ones left are in the liver. We have been told we have to wait until January to have new scans and see what is going on then? Very confused.

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