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Before long, everyone was a little drunk, but Ye Zhengchen was very sober, because his logical thinking and judgment were beyond ordinary people’s keen, whether he was a killer or a policeman, he never lost. In one game, Qin Xue and I unfortunately drew the killer. Qin Xue was found by the police. I nervously held the ace of spades in my hand. When it was Ye Zhengchen’s turn to speak, his probing eyes looked at everyone’s expression and finally fell on my face. Our eyes met in the sky, and I deliberately smiled at him, a little shy, a little sentimental. He looked at me with a slight smile and a special tenderness and trust between his eyebrows. The judge was angry. Don’t flirt with each other. Speak quickly! He suddenly came to his senses, looked at the crowd and stated his point of view. It must not be thin ice. My smile is deeper. The “honey trap” worked! The second night began. The judge said, “open your eyes, killer.”. I opened my eyes. The judge said, “Please kill.”. I stretched out my hand and pointed to Ye Zhengchen. The judge said, “The game is over, the policeman is dead!”! Ye Zhengchen opened his eyes. Look at my finger. In the black pupil, Lingxi is a little intoxicating. I lost! He sighed deeply. The other cop despised him. You’re dying, and you’re covering for the killer? You take pity on the fragrance and jade,Magnesium Oxide powder, but they don’t show mercy. “You didn’t die unjustly!”! Drink! Brother Yu added insult to injury. Ye Zhengchen gave a wry smile, took a full glass of sake, and drank it in one breath. Feng Ge squeezed his eyes at Ye Zhengchen with a lovely Tianjin accent. Depressed? If you die under the peony flowers, you will be romantic even if you are a ghost! Everyone laughed, and I was embarrassed by their laughter. Don’t think so complicatedly. The relationship between brothers and sisters is pure. This is not like a rescue at all, and it is clearly teasing us again. Pure? Feng Ge laughed very exaggeratedly. You ask Ye Da handsome boy, does he know the word’pure ‘? He reclined on the back of his chair and looked at me,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the corners of his mouth gently raised, with a hint of teasing: “I don’t know!” I drink drinks in a stuffy way, and my face is probably as good as hot pot. In fact.. Ye Zhengchen put one leg on the other and said slowly, “My motive has always been..” Very impure. My drink sprays. Some people heckle, some people open their eyes and wait to see the good play. Someone asked, “How impure?”? Tell me about it! Someone asked, “Is this a confession?” He’s calling it a confession, and he’s clearly. The judge is angry: “Go!”! Go! You two go to the next door to continue the’ghost ‘, do not delay us to play the killing game! Ye Zhengchen really stood up and straightened his clothes. I have to catch up with a report, and you can play slowly. I’m finally relieved. Who knows, before he left, he deliberately went around to my side, put his hands on my shoulders, leaned close to my face, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate price, and interpreted “impure” incisively and vividly. Girl, don’t forget to come and help me make the bed later! Everyone looked at me with surprise and ambiguous eyes. I want to say, “isn’t your hand all right?” Afraid of getting more and more black, I swallowed this sentence and pinched his thigh. Satisfied, he picked up the drink glass in front of me, drank the remaining half, and turned back to the apartment. Those of us who often play together, no one does not know that Ye Zhengchen is a neat freak. They watched him drink my drink, no less than to see him drink the whole bottle of crane top red, that shock ah, that sway ah! The judge almost dropped his chopsticks on the table, and Feng Ge could put an egg in his mouth. Qin Xue, on the other hand, bit her lips and her beautiful big eyes were full of disbelief. You can imagine how a person can get through the whole night. After seeing everyone off, I rushed to Ye Zhengchen’s room, stood in front of his desk and pounded the table. Ye Zhengchen, what do you mean? He took his time to save the half-written report, closed the computer, raised his head, and showed his curvy neck and collarbone at the collar of his half-open shirt. “Will you help me make the bed?” My frustration evaporated in an instant, and I stood there foolishly, forgetting the long words behind it. He stood up and walked toward me, and I backed away until my back was against the wall and there was no way back. He put his left hand against the wall and his right hand took a strand of my hair and wrapped it around his finger. Do you ask me what I mean today? I nodded quickly. Yes, that’s the question. I know you’re trying to help me, but you said in front of so many people.. What will they think of me? My unpromising tone! I was planning on yelling. He said in a typical dandy tone. I just want everyone to know that you are mine. Don’t be ridiculous. I know you’re trying to clear it up for me, but you don’t have to. “I’m not. I need a woman who cooks and washes my clothes, makes my bed, and doesn’t ask for anything in return.” “Huh?!” My brain stopped working. It would be better if you could sleep with me. Apart from Ye Zhengchen, there is absolutely no man who can say such shameless words. I have a fever all over my body, at least 50 degrees. Don’t you come to me so late. He stared at my lips, his face moving closer. I panicked and pushed him away. It’s late, I’ll go back first! Escaping from his room, I looked up to the sky and sighed. Why is there such a lady-killer living next door to me! God, help me! After a night of hard thinking, I still can not figure out, Ye Zhengchen in the end what is wrong, he is a beast, hungry, or just want to amuse me. I was so confused that I simply covered my head with a quilt and didn’t think about anything. If he wants to play with me, I can’t stop him. If he wants to eat me, I can’t stop him. Just let him play. When he’s tired of playing, he’ll stop. The next day, there was no class. I read the experimental specifications in the research room all morning and discussed the next research plan with the associate professor for a while. I wanted to go to the bacterial culture room to see how my cells were growing. Walking to the door,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I saw the figure again. Dressed in white and full of snow, it is as elegant as flowing clouds. A slightly sideways, drooping eyebrows as warm as jade. My heart palpitated.

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