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Liu Yao put down his red pen and looked down. At first his face was fine, but the more he looked at it, the heavier his face became. All that was said above was explained by the Chu family. Liu Yao looked up with a gloomy face. It was her own words, with her signature below, that the minister and his subordinates had not changed a word. If your majesty does not believe, can immediately bring to trial Chu Shi. Zheng Chi bent his hand toward Liu Yao, and what he said was loud, clear, and reasonable. In the confession, Chu Shi confessed that she was entrusted by the big prince to assassinate Zhao yuan. She explained the extremely detailed process, how to be ordered by the big prince, if under the poison, the detailed description, does not seem to be a temporary compilation. It also explained the course of another attempted murder, which caused Ayuan to break her foot bone and could not walk for two or three months. The rebellious son! Liu Yao gritted his teeth and his eyes spurted fire. I was worried that Chu had fabricated and wronged the big prince, so I asked Your Majesty to call the big prince to confront him and find out about it. Zheng Chi Dao. High Chamberlain sighed in the side, this Zheng Chi, no wonder in the people have a reputation but has not been promoted, such a situation,Industrial pallet rack, the emperor is likely to summon the big prince? “It’s a big deal at this time. You can’t reveal it to anyone without my will. Do you know?” Liu Yao’s eyes sank, and as expected, his complexion became worse and worse. Zheng Chi hesitated for a moment. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the high Chamberlain beside him. He nodded: “Yes, I obey the decree.” As soon as Zheng Chi left, Liu Yao waved his big hand, and the memorials on the table were scattered on the ground. Your Majesty.. “Don’t pick it up!” With a roar, the palace people who were busy bowing their heads stopped their movements and dared not pick them up again. Liu Yao had high hopes for Liu Zhuo. He was his eldest son and was born to the woman he liked. He had been diligent,Drive in racking system, studious, modest and courteous since he was sensible. The counsellors in the palace all treated him as a young master. Since he sat on the throne, the issue of crown prince has been lingering in his mind, and even several times he has written the decree of crown prince, but burned it, because he is not sure whether the child is the one he wants to entrust to the country, he has to make a decision after another investigation. Now that he has done such unconscionable things, he is not only angry, but also more chilling. Your majesty, according to the slave see, that Chushi said is not necessarily true, the big prince has always been benevolent, such charges buckled up, pipe cantilever rack ,long span shelving, it is. Your Majesty, don’t wrong the big prince. High Chamberlain came forward and said. Liu Yao was not angry at his talkativeness, but asked in reply, “If he didn’t instigate it, then in your opinion, why did Chu want to bite him?” “This..” The slave doesn’t know. Replied Cameronette. Liu Yao sighed lightly and looked up at the outside of the hall. The sky was clear and vast. This position.. He raised his hand and patted the handle on the Dragon Chair. “It’s so tempting that people can’t say when they will change.” He did not sentence Liu Zhuo to death, but in his mind, he was already on guard against him. Father and son to do this, can only be the father and son of heaven. As soon as Zheng Chi returned to the government office, he met Lu Fei at the door. Dasima. Zheng Chi hand to see the ceremony. Lu Fei returned the salute: “Lord Zheng.” “Grand Sima has come to the government office, but what’s the matter?” Lu Fei waved his hand and brought up a man from behind, who was so weak that he cried so much that the pear blossoms brought rain, which made people feel pity for him. This is Zheng Chi doesn’t know what he means. The officer suspected that this man was an accomplice of the Chu family, and specially handed him over to Lord Zheng to deal with. “Oh?” Zheng Chi was surprised. Lu Fei smiled and said, “The man has been delivered. How to try him depends on Lord Zheng.” “Sir, I’m the old man’s concubine. You can’t deal with me like this without telling the old man.” Nguyen Thi shouted. Lu Fei raised his eyebrows and said to Lord Zheng, “Have you heard clearly?”? She is the Lu family, not ordinary people, even if the detention of a few Japanese officials and family members will not have a problem. “Xiaoguan understands.” Zheng Chi knows. Stunned, Nguyen did not know how to refute it for a while. Lu Fei turned over and mounted his horse. He looked sideways and said, “It’s all for Lord Lao Zheng.” “This is Xiaoguan’s duty. Don’t worry, Fu. Xiaoguan must be strict with the public.” “Hard work.” Lu Fei raised the corners of his mouth, gently raised his whip, and went away. Zheng Chi watched him leave, turned to look at Nguyen, the latter some shiver, want to retreat, but was behind the yamen runner pushed. “Sent to prison.” Zheng Chi hung his eyebrows and passed by her. Yes Who says he can’t be a man? If he could only judge the case foolishly, wouldn’t his position as the prefect of Jingzhao have been replaced long ago? “My Lord, I am wronged.” Zheng Chi shook his collar and strode toward the government office. Regardless of whether you are wronged or not, how can the person handed over by the Grand Sima have no charge? Chapter 58 coincidence. yuan finally did not achieve the purpose of deceiving Lu Fei, because Dr. Chen, the “spy”, told Lu Fei the news of her recovery early in the morning, so that there was no room for her to play. yuan Depressed: “Dr. Chen has no other patients?” Otherwise how to pay attention to her alone, as soon as there is progress immediately disclosed the news to Lu Fei. Knock- “Someone’s knuckles hit her forehead lightly.” Those who are ungrateful should be beaten. yuan scratched her forehead and looked at the man opposite with a guilty conscience. “I’m just talking nonsense. Don’t tell Dr. Chen.” Lu Fei glanced at her. “Do you think I’m as ignorant as you?” yuan: “..” Well, she was a little insatiable and accepted Mr. Lu’s criticism. Chunxi came in with her clothes in her arms. When she saw Lu Fei, she smiled and said, “Sir.” “Mmm.” Lu Fei answered. Chunxi, what are you holding? yuan recognized that it was not her dress. Miss’s new dress. Chunxi answered with a smile. I do not know when to start, as long as Lu Fei is present, she will certainly call her “Miss”, although at first it will feel strange, but after listening too much,heavy duty warehouse rack, it will feel that this is just a name, too much care but appear affectation. Where do I have such new clothes? yuan’s eyes lit up and she immediately reached out and touched it. Girls like beautiful clothes, and she can’t avoid vulgarity.

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