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The words of Ping Pin cursing the four concubines soon reached the ears of the four concubines. In the past, when Ping Pin was a concubine, everyone still had scruples. Now Ping Pin is just a concubine. In the future, the days of Ping Pin can be imagined. And Rong Fei also felt bad. Originally, after Jing Pin died, Ping Pin was demoted, and she was the first of the six concubines in the palace, second only to the empress. But now she is in the last place of the four imperial concubines. The three concubines of Hui Jiashu, who were originally under her, all ranked ahead of her. In the past, she was saluted by Mei Qinxue and others first, but now she has to salute Mei Qinxue three people first. Such a transposition of superiority and inferiority, such a gap, or let Rong Fei heart is very uncomfortable. However, since the death of four sons, Rong Fei’s temperament has changed a lot, the whole is very low-key, she did not want Hui Fei to smash things like that, just shut herself in the room and sit quietly for a long time, after coming out, she returned to normal. Shu Fei is happy. After all, of the four imperial concubines, she had the shortest time to enter the palace and the least seniority. Although she gave birth to twins, Concubine Rong had given birth to five sons and a daughter for Kangxi; she did not expect that she could rank ahead of Concubine Rong. This is an unexpected pleasure,deep draw stamping, which makes Shufei very happy. Of course, the happiest of the four imperial concubines was Mei Qinxue, who was the first of the four imperial concubines. Now the whole harem except the queen, no one on her head, she no longer need to salute the other concubines. Maybe soon, you won’t have to salute anyone in the harem anymore. The ceremony of concubines and concubines was completed before the New Year. Kangxi had already ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Rites to prepare for the six palaces. After the conferring ceremony, the four concubines and three concubines went to the Kunning Palace to kowtow to the empress and complete the process of the conferring ceremony. Thought the queen embarrassed them, did not expect the sun to come out in the west, the queen was generous,alloy die casting, did not embarrass them. This shocked the four imperial concubines, the three concubines, and the small concubine, and at the same time wondered if the empress was thinking of some way to grind people. Mei Qinxue is looking forward to the Chinese New Year’s Eve. A few days passed in a twinkling of an eye, and in a twinkling of an eye, it was time to celebrate the New Year Chinese New Year’s Eve. Originally, the power of the palace was jointly managed by the original five concubines, but now four of the five concubines have been given the title of four concubine, and only one concubine is still a concubine, so it is somewhat embarrassing for her to continue to hold the power of the palace. Duan Pin originally wanted to hand over the power to Mei Qinxue, but let Mei Qinxue to persuade. The palace power in the hands of Duan Pin was also given by Kangxi. Without Kangxi’s will, if Duan Pin did not voluntarily hand over the power, no one could seize her palace power. Besides, she is in charge of some trivial matters, Mei Qinxue is looking down on the power of the palace in her hands. Those trifles take time and effort to deal with, and she doesn’t have to ask for it. Huifei had the idea of palace power in the hands of Duanpin, Stainless steel foundry ,CNC machining parts, but Huifei still had Mei Qinxue on her head, so Huifei couldn’t move Duanpin. It was the first time for the four imperial concubines to celebrate the New Year. Mei Qinxue and the four of them were all very cautious. They were all guarding against the Kunning Palace for fear that the queen would do something in secret. Not only Mei Qinxue let people stare at the Kunning Palace, Hui Shurong three imperial concubines are staring at the Kunning Palace. In the Chinese New Year’s Eve of the New Year, Kangxi set up a palace banquet to entertain the civil and military officials, the imperial clan, and the imperial palace also set up a banquet to entertain the clansmen and their wives. Although the banquet was managed by the four imperial concubines, the empress still insisted on supporting her body, which was as thin as a skeleton, and attended the palace banquet in court clothes and phoenix robes. Perhaps the queen is directed at this, she is announced to remind people that even if the four imperial concubines are in power, but only she is the queen of the Qing Dynasty. She is the only one who is qualified to be worshipped by all the women in the world. The queen to attend the palace banquet other people in the mind how to think, Mei Qinxue do not know; but Mei Qinxue in the mind is happy. This appearance of the queen appeared in front of everyone, which can let everyone know that the queen was seized by the four imperial concubines in charge of the palace because the queen was ill, not because of other reasons. After the palace banquet in the daytime, the family banquet in the evening. The empress Dowager and the empress Dowager both attended the family banquet Chinese New Year’s Eve, and Kangxi and several brothers also stayed in the palace to attend the family banquet in the evening. The queen, who had been tired during the day, was still holding up her body to attend the family banquet, dealing with all the Fujin, a dignified and virtuous standard queen posture. Whether it is a palace banquet or a banquet, the new four imperial concubines have a lot of people to please, usually rarely drink Mei Qinxue also rare to drink a few glasses of wine. The family banquet did not break up until the time of Hai, and Mei Qinxue had already drunk a little smoke. Bai He and others carefully helped her to board the sedan chair and sit in the warm sedan chair back to Chu Xiu Palace. Empress, here we are. You should get out of the sedan chair. When Chu Xiu Palace sedan chair landed, Bai He reminded Mei Qinxue that before she finished, Mei Qinxue lifted the curtain and came out. Empress, be careful. The slave will help you. Seeing Mei Qinxue’s staggering appearance, Bai He and others hurriedly supported her. No need to help, this palace is not drunk. Mei Qinxue pushed Bai He’s hand away and said that she was not drunk. The man was in a trance and said he was not drunk. Yes, yes, yes. Empress, you are not drunk, but the ground is slippery, and the slave is worried that you will fall. The slave is holding you, and you should pay attention to your feet. The white lotus waited for the eldest brother’s effort to help Meiqin snow back to the main hall, and the red lotus, who was left in the Chu Xiu Palace, was surprised to see Meiqin snow drunk and fumigated. Red Lotus: “This, how is empress drunk?” Mei Qinxue waved her hand: “I’m not drunk.” White Lotus: “Yes, yes, empress, you are not drunk.”. Empress, the slave is waiting for you to undress. Red lotus still wants to say again, white lotus hurriedly pulled her, meaning her not to say first. They took the palace people to serve Mei Qinxue to remove her makeup and wash, and then helped her to lie down on the bed and sleep well. By the time they were finished, both of them were sweating all over in winter. What’s going on here? Knowing that the empress is not a good drinker, how can she still let the empress drink so much? Why don’t you stop it? Two people go out, red lotus can’t help blaming white lotus. White lotus one face is helpless: “I want to block, but cannot block.”. The empress herself didn’t want to drink it, but the toast was made by the princes of the imperial clan, Wang Fujin, and the empress couldn’t refuse it,car radiator cap, so she had to drink it. “Our empress has been given the title of imperial concubine, and she is the first of the four imperial concubines. Those Fujin people who used to ignore the empress are now rushing to curry favor with our empress.”. Not only our empress, but also the other three empresses drank a lot. Red Lotus: “Those snobs who used to look down on people are now trying to curry favor with our empress.” 。

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