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Canadian melanoma wife

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  • My husband is Chris and is 33 years old. We have been together for 10 years and he has been a great parent to our 13 year old son. Chris had a mole on his neck in 2013 and had a spot removed and biopsied.
    Second surgery to make a wider excision followed in 2014 when melanoma was confirmed.
    December 2015 scans revealed melanoma spread to lymph node in parotid gland and had to have a full neck dissection in 2015 along with 20 rounds of radiation.
    January 2018 had a seizure And discovered melanoma in the brain further scans discovered melanoma in the heart,lymph nodes, intestines, femur, pelvis. The brain tumour was in operable and stereotactic radiation not an option so five rounds whole brain radiation. He was an excepted into a canadian drug funding trial for Ipi and nivo immunotherapy drugs. Two days after first treatment had high fever was taken to emergency to find that he had telescoping intestines or Intussusception because of rapid tumor growth. Surgeon refuses to operate because it’s too risky and they would have to take too much bowel so given strong painkillers and sent home and hoping that immunotherapy Shrinks tumors.Total of 8 infusion sessions before combo immunotherapy terminated.
    September 2018- Brain met is gone! Shrinkage in other tumors. May hospital visits and extended stays in the last 6 months due to adverse events with liver lungs and skin. Currently on a break from treatment and hope to continue on after reassessment mid October.Jan 2019 1 year from seizure caused by brain met, declared NED.
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