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Worried about melanoma

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      I am a 13 year old female and have many moles (I would say about 50), and most look perfectly healthy and normal. I have one on my arm which is slightly raised and has a brown area around it with a couple of black specks in it. I went to the doctors back in March to reduce my anxiety and they confirmed the that it was healthy and that I didn’t need to go back unless I showed symptoms of illness.

      However, around last week I spotted a small brownish spot underneath the toenail in the bottom left corner of my pinky toe. I think it may have grown with the nail slightly since, but I don’t unfortunately know if it is actually located on the nail or the skin at this point. I can’t remember hurting it in any way and it is painless. I have been non stop researching my symptoms the past few days and I reckon it could be either a subungual hetamona or subungual melanoma. It doesn’t necessarily follow any characteristics of subungual melanoma (usually found on the big toe or thumb and a vertical line) and despite the fact it is extremely rare in children, I just can’t get the thought out of my mind and it worries me all the time.

      I suffer from anxiety and OCD, and can’t stop worrying about the fact it could be subungual melanoma or the fact I could have melanoma herself, especially as it can be so fatal if it is not treated early.

      Is it worth going back to the doctors or would I just be wasting their time?

      Thank you so much in advance x

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          Even if you have a history of melanoma in your family, the likelihood of a teen with melanoma is low and the likelihood a bruised toenail is high. I would mention the toenail at your next well teen checkup and consider seeing a dermatologist annually to check out your moles.
            I find that photographing a worry can help me file it away. It’s a positive action that can help you feel in control. If in a couple of years something pops up, you have that record and trend to show.

            The dermatologist is seeing a snapshot on the day of the appointment. I recently found a stage 1 mole and at the appointment I had two instax photos dated a few months apart.

              As AlmostAlice says, pictures can be very helpful. Many times we can unknowingly pinch or bruise our toenails. If the black mark moves up your toenail but doesn’t continue to stay at the bottom as it grows (and sometimes this happens slowly) you’ll know it’s just a bruised toenail. I freaked out about this, too, since I have had melanoma. But, taking the pictures two weeks apart showed me that it was moving. Only a pinched toenail, which was fixed by a new pair of hiking boots. Most likely a similar scenario is the case for you.
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