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WBRT vs repeat SRS. delay of 3rd cycle ipi nivo

Forums General Melanoma Community WBRT vs repeat SRS. delay of 3rd cycle ipi nivo

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      I presonally prefer SRS as i had it already and few side effects. My brain mets have increased from 9 to 10-15 int the past 2 months and the oncs are concerned about that growth rate and want to stop the current cycle to do WBRT. MD Anderson onc thinks it could be that few of the new mets are too small and may hemorrhage with SRS.

      Has anyone been through this and also at what dose of dex would *you* be comfortable starting ICI? I’ve been off dex since early October and really unhappy about getting back on that horse but I do love having my RUE back in use again (brain met impairing it)


      I searched on wbrt but last messages were 2017

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          Hi there,

          I don’t have any advice but I am new to brain mets so I am following your post to see what the experts on the forum chime in with. They found my 8 brain mets on September 24th; I’ve done one round of Cyberknife radiation so far and I am on Braftovi/Mektovi again after being declared NED in June. My medical oncologist is keeping the option of adding Opdivo or Keytruda to the BRAF/MEK later on if needed. I started on 16mg of Dex when the mets were found to control the brain swelling…I am currently on a slow taper, down to 7mg daily right now. I am not a fan of being on it, but I know it is a necessary evil. I am getting some headaches again on the taper but nothing like before. I go back to my radiology oncologist in December for a brain MRI/consult to see where we are at and go from there and I am seeing my medical oncologist every 2 weeks for checkups.

          They did not want to do the whole brain WBRT on me right now, but it was said we will likely have to do at least another round of Cyberknife because some of my mets are pretty big. This is the worst – I am so sorry you are going through it too. Keep up the good fight!!

          Take care!


            If you do WBRT, look into (HA)hippocampal shielding and concomminnt use of memantine to decrease neurocog deficits. WBRT+HA+ secondardy met pass has good results compared to WBRT alone from my research. Not a lot out there if you have multiple mets tho
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