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Vulvar Mucosal Melanoma Question

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      Hello everyone,

      Im sorry to be asking here, but with the lack of information on this I hoped maybe someone who has or had this could clarify something for me.

      I live in a small community, and my "doctor" is actually a nurse practioner.  I was scheduled for a complete physical, with a pap smear in February.  About a week before my appointment, I noticed a very swollen and sore lymph node in my right groin which prompted me to look a little bit better down there and see what was going on.  (Note: I did get sick shortly after the lymph node swelling, just seems like an odd place).

      I noticed a dark brown spot on my right inner labia.  The area I would say is tender, and at times can be itchy.  And I suppose that is the majority of my question.

      My NP didnt seem to be concerned about it, and just said that if I noticed any changes to come back.  I did some googling (bad I know), and it mentioned that itchy can be a symptom.  So what I am asking for others that may have gone through this is, was the itching constant?  Or did it come and go?  Right now I would say that the mostly tender when wiping after the bathroom, but sometimes it does also get quite itchy.  

      My father was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in his eye about 29 years now, and had it removed.  I am not a person to run to the doctor as I dont like to be a burden on the health care system, I just am slightly concerned that maybe this is something my NP has not seen before or even heard of, and with Melanoma in the family I dont want to play around.  But I also dont want to cry wolf.


      Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

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          I had a vulva punch Biopsy in Feb 2018  that came back as severely Atypical. Now I am scheduled for surgery to excise the area just to make sure all is good. It is a lot, I am new to this and like you said there is not a lot of info out there. Especially concerning the vulva area. The punch  Biopsy is easy and  recovery is nothing. I can’t speak for the rest of it as I should find out soon. Like you I had some odd itching which prompted me to get the biopsy done in the first place.

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