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Vaginal Melanoma – How exactly will they diagnose?

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community Vaginal Melanoma – How exactly will they diagnose?

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      I have a history of dysplastic nevi in thigh and buttocks area following a burn 7 years ago. One of the moles had severely dysplastic. I have very few moles in my body and the 5 that were dysplastic were all new moles. Ranging from mild to mild-moderate and lastly moderate-severe (this one was all pink almost looked liked a mosquito bite).

      Anyways I have been having vaginal pain for the last 3 weeks and even visited a OBGYN-oncologist. Today I had a vaginal ultrasound and all organs looked Ok, but I noticed when they moved the wand toward one of the walls that was were the pain is coming from, almost as if I have something on the skin of the vaginal wall. OBGYN has done examinations with hand but hasn’t actually looked in there with a light. Is this how vaginal melanoma would be found? And can it go deep down inside? I’ve been reading it’s mostly vulva and outside but I’m unsure… will not see the OBGYN until next week.

      My question is what were the symptoms for vaginal melanoma and how should it be diagnosed. I’ve been to OBGYN oncologist twice already but I feel He’s overlooking if not looking inside visually. I have a CTScan of the Urinary Track tomorrow for other reasons… would vaginal melanoma be seen in a CT Scan?

      Thank you!

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          First, my prayers are with you. Second, there is an app called belong that is a free download. I recently ran across it when another person on this site mentioned it.
          There are a few people that have posted about similar diagnosis and shared their stories. They also mentioned another site that was created just for the diagnosis location.
          I wish you the best.
              From my experience with a mucosal melanoma lesion in the vagina, the only definitive way to diagnose is with a biopsy.

              My best to you.

              Hello anon. Sorry for your concern. First and most importantly, you should talk openly about your worries regarding your status and your care with your OB/GYN. Secondly, though not an absolute, cancer of any sort, is rarely painful. Things have to be rather advanced for pain due to cancer, specifically melanoma, to occur. I have never felt pain due to melanoma. And this is coming from someone with melanoma to two different skin locations, lymph nodes, lung, brain and tonsil. So…. Finally, if you are concerned, you should request a biopsy of the area. That is the only way to identify cancer of any sort and in your case, may be needed just to figure out what is going on with the area that is causing you pain. A biopsy can id cancer, as well as the type of cells that are present that might be causing inflammation, etc. Additionally, in your case I would also request a culture to determine if there is any sort of infection. Hope that helps. celeste
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