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Update from BrianP

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      Been a while since I’ve posted here. I still occasionally lurk to see if I recognize names and get updates. I’m always amazed and thrilled to see Rock Stars Ed and Celeste still giving so unselfishly of their time and knowledge. They were both such a huge part of my journey. I find myself reflecting back a lot these days as just returned from my annual scans at MDA, and as I approach the 5 year anniversary of my last treatment. I remember when I was diagnosed stage III back in 2011 as the father of a 1 year old and 3 year old and wondering if I would get the chance to raise these kids. Now they are 11 and 13 and thriving. Also, at these types of milestones, despite the overwhelming feeling of gratefulness, I also can’t help but think of so many members we have lost such as Artie, Josh, MelanomaMike, Jerry, and Jake just to name a few. If it was not for Josh I would have never known about the ACT trial at MDA that has given me 5 years and counting of life.

      For those that don’t know my journey:
      2006 Stage Ia
      2011 Stage III, Left axilliary disection, radiation, year of interferon
      2013 Stage IV, small bowel resection, 2 year sequential trial of Ipi and Nivo
      2016 another occurrence, entered ACT trial at MDA

      Seems so simple when I put it like that. Hope to hear from some of you who might remember me.

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          Oh, Brian! So very good to see your name on here my friend. Especially, when it is attached to your good news of continued busy living with (OMG) TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pretty much). Like you, I am forever grateful to be here. To have been allowed to see my 10 and 12 year olds, grow, find their place in the world, marry and just this past week – my daughter gave birth to our first grandbaby! Incredible blessings that at many points I never dreamed I would live to see. But, also like you, I carry all the dear ones that we have lost in forever in my heart.

          I wish you continues health and joy. Thanks for sharing. Take care. Much love, les

            So happy to see your name and that you’re doing well! Five sweet years with your children and family — what a joy! Still hoping to find my magic potion, and stories like yours showing success on clinical trials always give me hope.
              Well done Brian, not sure what the ACT trial was (is it TILs??), but really glad that it worked. I know ever year is precious, more precious when you have been through all you have! I remember for me, would I see my daughter graduate high school? University? (I couldnt take her to University in the UK because I had to start pembro treatment, but I flew the next morning and saw her in London two days late still I would have loved to take her there). But she made both and I too am grateful to see both
                Long time lurker here ( son dx in 2009 at age 21 hes now 33!) I also remember Artie, Josh, MelanomaMike, Jerry, and Jake…and some others before them. Will never forget them. This board was so helpful to me way back then. Thanks for your update!
                  Hey Brian!

                  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I hope you get this! I remember when I came to this board, desperate, and you, along with many of the names you posted, were so kind to me. We had similar stories (I found my cancer during pregnancy and found out it metastasized after my son’s birth). Maybe someday we’ll run into each other!

                  Ashley S.

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