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Time to get scan results back

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      Hi all, I’m just curious, once you do your scans, how long does it take to get your results back? Also, how do you get the results? MyChart? Appointment? Phone call from your doctor?

      Typically, I do my scans and then have to wait until the appointment with my doctor the following week. Sometimes, I will get them through MyChart before the appointment, but lately that’s been rare. Of course the wait time between scans and appointment is just agonizing and I’m wondering if other clinics have a better process.


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          I’ve always been interested in this subject. I’ve had multiple doctors and their staff not seem to “get it”, “I am waiting to find out the results of a scan after treatment having progressed”, or “we saw something last time, and were watching and waiting”. This is a big deal!

          I used to make a point of scheduling a small but reliable 2 business day turn around window between scan and review appointment. Scheduled way out, and was a demanding patient.

          I only recently got something like My Chart, but they don’t put them up timely anyway. The idea of a phone call always kind of freaked me out, I wouldn’t want that and would rather wait a few days.

          I used to really obsess on this issue. But over time my scan-xiety is better under control and now I just let them schedule me to their convenience – and I get the same week + treatment you described. Which means sit around and wait for days after you know results are in.

          In truth, my doc doesn’t control when he gets the scan back. And scans can fail and need to be redone. Things do get fixed on the fly in medicine and they seem to leave time for that systemically when they can, even to the exclusion of the patient’s tender feelings.

          I just got a follow up scan after progressing to stage 4 , and then washing out of the combo treatment after 2 rounds due to a 50 day run of severe colitis. Since I failed adjuvant optivo already, and it looked like more treatment was off the table, this was kinda a big deal. Progression? Response? Inconclusive?

          But it’s just another scan. And I sure would have been unhappy if the scan report wasn’t ready for the appointment.

          I’ll come back next week and share the results. See….no problem!

            ahh my chart!

            larded as it is with medical technical jargon i got both my orignal diagnosis and latest scan from mychart, days in advance of seeing the doc for confirmation. i am not sure its a very good thing, particularly for initial diagnosis in as much as i passed several days over the weekend pondering the question, do this mean i have melanoma?

            but for scans its good. Now that i am somewhat seasoned, i can get scan results from my chart as soon as it is read by the radiologist, usually within hours.

              My husband always had his scans in the morning and the Dr. Appointment in the afternoon. The doctor would go on the computer and look through the scans and let him know the outcome.

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                I have MYCHARTS through MDA. I really like it but I never am able to view any tests until the doctors have discussed the findings with me Then they release it for my viewing. I believe this to be best because, even after the doctor talks with me, I go inland read the results, then I have more questions which puts me back on GOOGLE for another dose of lets scare Trent to death. I like having all the tests so I can keep going back and compairing.


                  Good morning,
                  It all depends I’m where you’re treated. When I would have a check up to see my oncologist at MSKCC, I would have my scans mid-morning. An hour or two afterward , I would go to his clinic for a blood draw. Within 30 minutes after I would have my face to face with results for both scans and blood. I would say if you’re neutral about your oncologist and the time lag bothers you, maybe check out Mayo or the Cleveland Clinic. If you really value your oncologist, hopefully the facility can at some point modify their procedures.


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