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      Hey everybody;
      I haven’t posted in some time. For good reasons! I was diagnosed in February 2018 (stage IV). After a short round of Opdivo, I have been NED ever since. While my body has not been the same since then, with many, many minor (and some bigger) health issues, I am still here. For that, I give thanks. I give thanks to the warriors on this website who provide caring advice, a virtual shoulder to cry on and sometimes just a sounding board when someone needs to vent. I mourn for those we have lost and the journey we have travelled, but rejoice in the battles won. I give thanks for the special people who have meant so much to so many on this site, Celeste (Bubbles), Ed W. and of course the inspirer in chief, Mike. I hope and pray that each one of you has a good day tomorrow and has been able to escape intact from the Covid scourge.
      Love you all,
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          Hi Ted,

          fantastic news to see you are still NED. You are right; this forum is a source of strength and shows how resilient one can get. Every time, I read one of your posts or see your profile, I become nostalgic. If it had not been for melanoma, I would still be living in Minnesota, travelling up to the northern part on weekends with the family to do some hunting, fishing or simply enjoying cabin life. Due to my diagnosis and the related treatment, we decided soon after that it would be better to move back to Europe. My company was supportive and despite being on BRAF and MEK, I managed to hand over my responsibilities to my successor and last summer we moved back.
          On the one hand, melanoma has changed my life and it has shown me that “people make plans, but God in the end decides, if they are carried out”. on the other hand it has taught me so much.

          I was diagnosed with 3A and in January, I have my 2-year check-up. I feel fantastic and I hope that the check-up confirms my NED status. Take good care of yourself Ted and say hello to Minnesota for me, especially McGregor and Sandy Lake, where we spent unforgettable moments.


            Oh, Ted!!! So great to hear from you and know that you are still tick’n!!! 2020 has been a ride that no one deserved! I hope the world is about to be able to breathe a sigh of relief with vaccines on the way. Such a crazy year for the planet, but a really strange place in which to find ourselves after what we have endured individually and lost as a group on this board, isn’t it? Still – we persist! Lights like yours brighten our path and make me thankful. Best to you and yours, my friend. Love, les
              Great to hear (especially good news) from you Ted! With NED, all things are possible. All the best, fellow warrior.
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