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    So my wife was switched from Nivolumab to Taf/Mek about a month ago after being on Nivolumab for 6 months. Her PET scan showed spread, which made the change of drug.

    Last week she developed the fever and it took almost a week after stopping all pills to finally come down in the hospital. This after they ran the full gamut of tests and pumped her full of antibiotics.

    Is this what we have to look forward to? Or have others been down this road and had a calmer time after lowering dose?

    Thank you for all input!

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        After two rounds of combo ipi/Nivo I was hospitalized for a week for 107 fevers. I know it sounds impossible and likely was but ever single thermometer at the hospital the whole week read that temp when it was was spiking. I had to be packed with ice. They finally got it under control with 1,000 mg of Tylenol never found an infection etc. I developed sepsis a year earlier after rapid steroid withdrawal. Back to moderate steroids. After two weeks they resected my brain
        Met which was large and badly located, I had one dose of radiation, and two week later I restarted combo immunotherapy. I went on to complete immunotherapy and never had any really serious side effects. Eventually got off steroids. Continue to be stable. I know it is a different drug but just wanted to offer a fever success story.
          Thank you and I pray your healing is going well. I actually had to call an ambulance this morning because the fever came back and my wife was not very coherent. Just found out the cancer has spread to her brain. Hoping we still have options.
            I’m really sorry to hear it she has developed brain mets.
            There are definitely still options!
            Depending on the size/amount, SRS (radiosurgery) is an amazing treatment which ‘stops them in their tracks’ as our doctor told us.
            My partner also developed brain mets in Feb – terrible headaches & a few mini-seizures – was terribly scary. But he had SRS & dual immuno & they’ve all significantly shrunk >50% with nothing new.
            So I hope this is an option for you.
            Let us know how she’s going xx
            Thank you. I hope your fiance continues to do well. I will update as things progress. We just celebrated our twentieth anniversary a few weeks ago, so it’s been rough.
              Sorry to hear about the latest development in the brain. Re your question on fevers, initially my husband was on reduced dose (75%) of Tafinlar due to fevers and eventually increased to full dose. He continues to have a very positive response in his body even at the lower dose. Like your wife, he also developed brain mets while on Tafinlar. Each time, he had gamma knife/srs/brain surgery to treat the mets but continued on Tafinlar. He’s been on Tafinlar since 2013 and added Keytruda about 3 years ago after the most recent brain met. I hope your wife’s brain met is treated successfully and the Tafinlar/Mek kicks in to keep others from forming. Take Care.


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