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      Just had my 4 months scan which came back NED. I happened to look at the Doctor’s notes on my patient portal and discovered that I am classified as Stage 4. I remember asking my onco early on what my stage was and I could swear he said 3C. I get copies of all the pathology reports which have some of their own classifications for tumors but never specified a stage. I had 5 lymph nodes which were all located in the left axilla that came back positive. M;y own assessment was this was Stage 3C. I guess it doesn’t make any difference at this point but it sure makes a case to get all the pathology reports, scan results and clinic/doctors notes and review them yourself rather than having the info conveyed during your 30 minute appointment with your onco.

      As a quick update (you can read my profile), the lichen planus finally was resolved after 15 days on 30mg prednisone. The vitiligo seems to have quit spreading although neck, arms hands, face have extensive patches (neck is completely white). 4 months into UVB light treatment and I haven’t noticed any re-pigmentation (said it could take 6 – 12 months). Kidneys functions are normal after they got “wacked” 11 months into treatment. A new glitch, I am now Type 2 diabetic on insulin. This flared up while on prednisone. My A1C suggests that this may after started 11 months into the Nivo treatment and my body was compensating to manage the glucose. The prednisone pushed me over the edge. In discussion with my onco, It looks like the immunotherapy kicked into high gear during the last month of treatment and the timing of most of these issues zeroes in on that time frame. He informed me that they might be doing a study which looks at the effects off immunotherapy. I quickly said sign me up as I have certainly had my share of issues. As a message for folks new to melanoma, I told my onco that with all of the issues I had, if I had to do this over again (considering the complete lymph node dissection), I would still opt for the immunotherapy. That’s it in a nutshell. Now to sweat out the next 4 months waiting for the next scan.

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          Good morning;
          Seeing the mention of diabetes, wanted to share my experience. I too had to go on prednisone (100MG at one point) and my blood sugar quickly got out of control. I had to self inject for a few months, but once I completed the steroids and lost some weight my A1C is back to normal! Good luck and God bless!
            I ended up with Type 1 diabetes. Later, when I had to take prednisone to deal with colitis, my glucose levels went really high and I had to up my insulin dosage. They’ve leveled out now that I’m off the prednisone. Hopefully, your injected insulin requirements are temporary. Good luck.
              We have a family friend that has been stage 4 ned for 18 years fighting. Keep fighting
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