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      Greetings  warriors . …Had a pet scan last  Thursday , and here is how it reads:

      "There is a mildly  hypermetabolic complex nodule  in the superior  right  upper  lobe that has SUV max of 1.2 new since the previous  study of 4/28/16. This lesion  may have an underestimated  SUV-max due to its  small  size. This could  be either inflammatory  /infectious  or metastatic . Previously  in the same region  there  was  a  cavitary lesion  that was not metabolic . "

      There is persistence  of the anorectal activity  with SUV max of 6.2, previously  8.1 that requires  endoscopic  evaluation , if not already  done.

      So , as many of you know I'm  in a holding pattern  trying  to get to the specialists  at UCSF. Been denied  twice by insurance , and currently  in appeal ,which the folks  at the University  helped to organize . They want to see me ,but we're  just waiting  the decision  on the appeal  before  moving  forward . Should  know within  a couple  weeks  on that. In the meantime , I'm  going  to rest up another  week , then start the cutting  again . I have about 20 more lesions  that need to come off pretty  quick . It's  just me and my surgeon  until  I   get to California . 

      As a side note about my oncologist  and the current  results , at first he was all gung-ho  about my heading  to the university , but when  I  pushed  him hard to put it in writing  to help me, as my surgeon  did…he back pedaled and said  he didn't  think  they  could offer anything  more than I get here.

      I know better  after all my experience  now,that's  it's true  what you all have stated so many times……get to a melanoma  specialist ! !

      I'm trying like hell, and it's  going  to  happen . Eleven  primaries , and holding.


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          I'm sorry Bob that you are having to battle the insurance companies as well as battling the melanoma. Hang in there!  



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