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Return of an old timer here

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      So it has been quite a long time from the early days here. I do recognize Bubbles! And she is quite the survivor! My history was a long process dealing with so many basal and squamous cell skin cancers that I no longer remember how many. The good news about that was that learned a great deal about spotting and evaluating my new lesions as they occurred. By the time I got my first, and then my second mm positive, I spotted them both very early on and demanded an excisional biopsy from the get go! Both times they were considered Stage 0 although one was somewhat dubious and a second excision was required later. In the old days we had some wild and humorous exchanges on an off topic board. Don’t know if that board still exists? Many a night was spent into the wee hours with fellow patients and care givers! I spent several years as a volunteer at Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa and was volunteer of the year after establishing a support group for melanoma patients. As of now I recently turned 80. I also survived prostate cancer a few years back. And am on my third pacemaker! I rarely go more than 6 months between biopsies still. All are either basal or Sq. And I have frequently warned other folks to get a very suspicious lesion biopsies asap! And some of those turned out to be positive! So if you notice something unusual on a friend or family member, etc. Don’t be shy! Gently warn them to get it checked. And share your own experience if necessary to convince them. I know very well what’s like lying in bed unable sleep into the wee hours waiting for results and what comes next. My wife is a breast cancer survivor. We have taken turns being each others invaluable support person through the journey! Well I have babbled on long enough. Stay strong and never give up!!!
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          Mr. Bill!!!!

          So good to hear from you!! Yes, things have changed a great deal around here. Sadly, not for the better – current management and disregard for the forum has just about killed it. I try to convince myself that with the advent of FDA approved drugs and oncologists who finally know how and are willing to use them, there are fewer desperate questions and concerns than once there were. That, combined with the fact that as there are several good Face Book support groups (2 of which I am a part) the need for this forum is diminished. Still, I keep an eye hoping to help when I can.

          I wonder if we ever unknowingly crossed paths at Moffitt. I was in a trial there from Dec 2010 to July of 2013. It’s a crazy life isn’t it? And now – 80 years young!!! You are rocking it out. You just keep getting those pacemakers as you need!!!

          Thanks for saying hello and sharing very important and excellent advice – here and elsewhere!!! Take good care! les

            Thank you for your kind words! My time at Moffit was from late 2000 until about 2006. The melanoma clinic shared a small area with the brain cancer clinic. I was able to get a mm lab researcher and a top oncologist to speak at a MRF symposium held in Jacksonville. Do not remember their names but the mm oncologist moved on to the major mm research hospital in San Francisco. I still live in the Tampa area. Glad you are well and bless you for sharing your knowledge and support for others. I kinda pulled away after losing a very special friend who my wife and I were with when she reached the end of her long struggle. Best wishes to you Bubbles and kudos for the time you spend helping others!!
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