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      recurrence after 1 year opvido and 3 surgeries . still stage 3c in and around left axial LN but too difuse to use radiation…..

      so on to yervoy+ opvido. they gave me a beautiful brochure from Bristo Myers.. very expensive.

      it claims for BRAF + melanoma sufferer there is a 58% SR after vervoy + opvido regime after 5 years.

      thing is no where do they mention if that SR is for orignal treatment only after diagnosis or recurrence.

      a not minor oversite considering 60% of stage 3 sufferes recur.

      thoughts, intel anyone?

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          “58% SR after vervoy + opvido regime after 5 years.” Years ago I saw a similar 5 year SR with Vervoy and opvido as the initial treatment for people with stage 4 melanoma. People with stage 3 should do better.
            At stage four, I was given the same odds so I would assume your odds are better.
              this is from Bristol Myers brachure entitled ‘ For Adults with Advanced Melanoma”

              no where do they refer to STAGES… not one mention of any STAGE.

              they do say quite prominently and on several different pages

              “In an analysis of 945 previously UNTREATED patients.”

              then the stats. which is 65% afte 6.5 years of the Comobo……..23% of ipi alone. They spill alot of ink on that stat, repeating in varous forms

              so what defines ‘previously untreated’ and doe the meter start at first biposy or first WLE of first infusion?

                ed williams
                  The numbers come from Checkmate 067, which started in 2014 and patients could not have had Ipilimumab prior which was approved in 2011 time frame. So (untreated) would mean new stage 4 and if you read checkmate 067 clinical trial it goes into more detail of who qualified. Today with adjuvant immunotherapy by the time they are stage 4 they have had either targeted therapy or pd-1 treatment already. Go to result section of following article and you will see where the 945 # comes from. I was one of the 315 in the Nivo arm of the trial.

                    hello its important
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