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Rash after immunotherapy

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      Hi all,

      I am looking to hear about anyone who experienced rash with immunotherapy.

      I completed one year of Pembro for stage 2 in Oct. while receiving the treatment, my effects were mild fatigue and a very mild rash. After completing it, I have more rash. It pops up in new places, more so with the cold, dry weather. It’s still very mild.

      My question is for people that had a rash from treatment: does it ever go away over time or should I expect it to be around forever? I read someone say that it never went away and I wanted to know if that was the case for anyone else.

      Thank you,

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          I had lots of rash and skin issues during my 2 1/2 years on Nivo. After going off nivo, the rash gradually faded, though sometimes rearing its head in fits and starts. However, with my last dose in 2013, I do not have any issues with itchy rashes from that any longer, although the vitiligo has remained. So….once off treatment you will find that the rashes will gradually resolve in most cases. Sometimes it just takes a minute.

          But….there is a good side to this as well – ASCO 2015: Adverse effects from Nivo and how they are associated with survival

          Specifically – “Statistically significant progression free survival and overall survival differences were seen in patients who experienced any grade of AE. Improved progression free survival was associated with rash and vitiligo. Rash was associated with improved overall survival…”


              Wow! I certainly hope that is true. Thank you for sharing that.

              What about joint paint? And other side effects eta? How much longer from when you stopped treatment did side effects go away? Other than the ones that are permanent.

              Yes. I had a rash pop up for about six months. Mild. Also similar for steroids and anti seizure medicine. They would rotate. They seemed to make me prone to minor staph infections, not MRSA, not horrible big staph, little staph that looked like a rash but eventual would be treated with antibiotics.
                I did targeted therapy and had terrible side effects during treatment but after the drugs braf/mek where out of my system the side effects of the medication disappeared. Although they did cause a grade 3 adverse event but my lymphnode went from 1.6cm to .4mm in 5 months!
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