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Quick message of hope (and thanks!)

Forums General Melanoma Community Quick message of hope (and thanks!)

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    John T
      Hi all brave and cool melanoma fighters

      Just checking in with some positive vibes. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma in my lymph system (right leg) in 2008 and was given the rather stressful prognosis something along the lines of “20% chance of not being around in a year, 80% chance of not being around in 5 years” ( I guess the doctor didn’t quite put it that bluntly!).

      Anyway – here I still am! 14 years later, no recurrence ( a few scares though – any lump, anywhere would cause a minor panic!).

      Not here to show or make others who have not been so lucky feel bad (and hopefully not tempt fate!) – but I remember, when I was first diagnosed, feeling great comfort when I saw other people’s success stories. Thanks to all those kind people.

      Understandably, many posts in here are about recurrences and issues (as it is a great source of support and advice) and it is quite easy for people who get it all sorted to just fade away from the site. So I vowed to myself to occasionally come back here to remind people that there are many, many success stores too, and hopefully re-enforce hope to others in the same way I got inspiration from success stories all those years ago.

      (For anyone interested, I opted for surgery only to take out all lymph nodes in my leg, no other treatment. Please do not take this as advice – it is just what I did after considering pros and cons of the options at the time – a year long course of Interferon seemed to be the main one)

      Keep fighting, living life to the best of you ability, and keep believing.

      Love to all


      PS if anyone would like more info about me or my case – just ask!

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        John T
          Quick edit – it has been so long since I talked about this that I stated the original diagnosed stage wrong – it is actually Stage 3B, NOT Stage 4 as I wrote above. Don’t want to mislead anybody, but could not find a way to edit post! Johhn.
            Your news is so good to hear John! You are one of the lucky ones where surgery was enough to heal you. I feel lucky too, having fell into the melanoma world after pembrolizumab was approved.
            Take care! Cindy
              Thanks for the update, John! Good news is always GREAT!!!!! Take care. celeste
                John, thanks so much for your joyful post! Wonderful to read of your enduring good health. Timely for me as am getting scans tomorrow. Last time I was at the 2 year mark, docs told me melanoma had spread. Hoping for better news this go round. And so your uplifting words resound.

                Wishing you all continued good health,


                  John – I took a screenshot of your post to display in our house so it can remind us there is hope. We are just starting this journey. Long story short, felt a lump we thought was a hernia. Biopsy of inguinal lymph node showed Metastic Melanoma Unknown Primary (at this time). There is a small spot on liver I’m sure will be metastatic melanoma too. Your message really inspired me and my husband. Prayers for you! Open to any advice or suggestions.
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