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question at to whether to keep a dermatologist appt

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    dorothy Moran
      Hi all, I am a 60 yr old female, who growing up by the bay on Long Is, had my share a badly blistered sunburns in the 70’s. My dad had squamous cell for decades, and since I seem to follow him health-wise, I’m probably a bit paranoid about any oddities I see on my skin.

      Back in the first week of March I saw this weird pink bump on left forearm, within a few days it shot up, by the 3rd wk of March it grew to 9mm high and 6mm wide. I did some reading and it sounded like something called a kerancthoma, but it never had the crater-like middle, it kind of reminded me of a cone-shaped pencil eraser. After the first week I foolishly picked at it, which made it bleed, so over the course of a weeks it got scaly. started a light pink, but got darker. BUT I do cycle 2hrs daily outside, and through the month of April, it did not grow at all, it was still the same dimensions, but slightly shriveling.

      On May 5th I had put 3 cycling jackets on (was chilly) and I went to roll up my left 3 sleeves as I hurried out the door –  it ripped the growth half off, I saw stars!! I wrapped a hand towel on my arm to stop the bleeding, did not know what to do, so I just yanked at it and pulled the whole thing off. I put the growth in a baggie and it is in my freezer. The area was scabbing over, then on May 15th, strangely enough i was rolling up the sleeves of the same 3 jackets and it pulled the scab right off.

      Here am I 2 wks later with this white, flat scab which seems so odd to me how it just seems to have gone away.

      The point of my long winded post, is back in April I tried to get an appt with a dermatologist at KP, the soonest I could get is this Wed., June 6th. I  am doing my best right now to save and do not want to waste my (nor a doc’s) time/money. Since it virtually appears to have been nothing serious, would it make sense to go to the dermatologist? I’m leaning strongly on canceling the appt and waiting it out, was curious if that sounds sound o you all.

      Also I do have a tiny dry patch of skin on my face (translucent) that, at times, if I run my fingernail over it, it stings, but I am thinking that it just a dry patch that might be infected.

      TY for listening!!

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          My advice is I’d keep your appointment. We all look for a way to convince ourselves that there is nothing wrong. The dry patch sounds alot like my first basal cell removal. The growth… my squamous cell. I am lucky enough to have had the skin cancer trifecta…I have melanoma also. To confirm either way is not a waste of your time and money nor the doctor’s. Best wishes all is well.
          dorothy Moran
            Thanks Cynthia – we’re a bit busy at work, so I rescheduled for July, figuring if it grows back, then I will already “be in line” with an appt 🙂
              I would definitely keep the appointment.  It’s better to be certain, especially since you have no explanation for the origin of that growth.  It probably is some sort of benign lesion, but given your family history and your sun exposure, letting a qualified derm have a peek would in my opimion be very prudent.


              dorothy Moran
                Thanks SA, I postponed till 7/23, if it doesn’t grow back I will pass it off as an anomaly. I was hoping that maybe they’d let me drop off the frozen specimen in my freezer and biopsy that, no need to put a whole in my arm when it’s healed, I have VERY skinny arms.

                I did read that in rare circumstances, melanoma can completely regress without any treatment because the immune system strengthened and killed it. It was a gnarly looking aggressive growth, but it also could have been a keratoacanthoma………….. TY!!

                  I would strongly suggest keeping your appointment.
                  dorothy Moran
                    Did reschedule for 7/23, the only thing left on my left arm is a 6mm wide barely noticeable pink scar…

                    The dry patch on my face was stinging a good deal on Tues/Wed, now that stopped too… I had put some colloidal silver on it, still have the dry patch, but whatever was making sting must’ve been killed. TY!!

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