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Psuedoscience and the Swedish Bikini team; a survey.

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community Psuedoscience and the Swedish Bikini team; a survey.

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                   "Originally, [Linqvist] was studying blood clots, which he found occurred less frequently in women who spent more time in the sun—and less frequently during the summer. Lindqvist looked at diabetes next. Sure enough, the sun worshippers had much lower rates. Melanoma? True, the sun worshippers had a higher incidence of it—but they were eight times less likely to die from it."

      My apologies if I’m re-running this article, I haven’t seen it discussed.

      I think it is a great example of how easy it is to cite plausible connections in an entertaining story. What is scary is this author isn’t even trying to mislead, where others mix in source material of various quality without being clear about it.

      That said, who doesn’t feel that sunlight is important to the body and soul? For my scientific survey, what is your attitude toward the sun, post melanoma, or your “solar diet”?

      A.   Sun is death, I avoid direct contact. Give me vitamins and indirect lighting only.

      B.    I nibble on sunshine, and won’t wear a burka or safari hat, but mostly agree with A, above.

      C.    Guilty pleasure, treated as guilty pleasures are. I take what I need and try not to beat myself too much up for that.

      D.    Life goes on, baby. Improvise, adapt, overcome. I’m outside so much I get lots of sun even despite all my diligence, I have several safari hats, and am developing a breathable gender-free burka concept.

      E.    Same as D, above, baby. Except I actually do try to be outdoors less. I may or may not be successful, but I try. I live in long sleeves and usually don’t call strangers “baby”. 

      F.   I play with fire. Or fire-ball, whatever.  I know. I know. I just love a healthy glow. Don’t judge me. I was told this forum is a safe space.

      G.   See F, above. And I still use tanning booths, for personal and/or professional reasons. I’m not sure why I’m on this forum.

      H.   You people are all fools. Damage is done. “G” and I are  going outside for a cigarette. Let’s pour shots when we come back!

      I.    Uh…..It's winter. Check back with me in 4 months, Florida man.

      Feel free to make up your own answer, for science.

      Happy Sunday.

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          This actually made laugh!!! I’m still laughing. Thanks Threefitty
          Tracey from Toronto Canada. Come visit we have sun here…lol!
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