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      Hello all!

      You guys are all so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I’m about a year and a half out from my original dx. I know SO much more now than I did then and am just curious if anyone could help me better understand/interpret my pathology report?


      2mm x 2mm pigmented lesion on outside of labia minora

      Poorly nested junctional melanocytic proliferation of lentiginous type confined to the epidermis

      Findings most consistent with melanoma in situ


      Also (TMI), mine was on the outside of my labia minora, very close to the edge. My pathology report did not state whether it was cutaneous or mucosal, and I’ve read mixed reports about labia minora being mucosal or cutaneous? Any others out there with similar situations or that can share insight? Again, thank you all so much! Blessings to all! ❤️


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          There was also minimal pagetoid spread and no ulceration. WLE came back completely clear. 


            Hi Kortney! Your pathology report seems very straightforward – just as it says, confined to the epidermis so consistant with melanoma in situ.

            I know you've posted before about your recent anxiety with your diagnosis. Anxiety can make us question everything in our lives – even things we have known to be 100% true in the past. My anxiety has never gone away, but it has lessened and become more managable as time goes by and I learn my triggers. If your diagnosis was a year and a half ago, why the sudden anxiety about the diagnosis? Is there something else happening in your life that's making you question your diagnosis or how you previously responded to the news? Melanoma in situ is absolutely the best kind of melanoma you can have (that's weird to say, but you know what I mean!)

            We can all learn from our life experiences. It may be scary to take a look at your inner thoughts and anxieties, but I fully believe that actually facing our fears makes us less fearful. Knowing your triggers helps lessen the anxiety. As a child, simply turning on a nightlight helped prevent the boogieman from visiting.

            If you want to talk, you can always reach out to me on my blog.

            Health and happiness,



                Thanks for the response! My life the past year and a half has been incredibly hectic (I’ve been in nursing school since the dx), and this is the first “break” I’ve really had since. I believe I kind of just pushed it off and moved on without really processing it, and now that life has slowed down some I’ve started thinking about it more, which I know is the wrong thing to do. I’ve struggled with anxiety (specifically social/health) since childhood so something like this really kind of rocked my world as far as that goes, even though I know I am SO incredibly blessed and it’s silly to be so worrisome. The situation could’ve been much worse and I am thankful that it wasn’t. I’m working towards healing, or learning to live with, my anxieties and talking about it and knowing every aspect of the situation just seems to help me. Again, thank you for the response. ❤️ 

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