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oh now what with the birdies

Forums General Melanoma Community oh now what with the birdies

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    Bonnie Lea

      hmmm  just read….

      hmmm  just read…. in Quebec (a province here in Canada)  birdies were fallen to the deaths.  Cause?  well it seems they were flocking and flying and stealing food from a cattle feed lot.  (and so they should put those places out of business)  let the cows eat grass down on the farm and we can have healthy meat.  But since the poops from birds seems to land where ever, it was on the machinery, the feed, and even decorated I expect the cows ears.  So they put down poinson.   Assuring us that most of these offensive birds died onn site, but about 200 maybe had enuff strength to fly 10 miles away, only to succumb and pop off in a neighbourhood where it of course caused a uproar.

      Now the feedback begins.   Stories to raise your shackles.  from government control of births, to one world takeover, to those pesky C02 pockets up there from no doubt evil Chem Trails left to change our weather patterns,   Now what happens if say a lovely lovely Perrigrin falcon or redtailed hawk decided to pick up some flailing startling struggling to find its home, and gobbled it up for dinner, and died…..fell to the earth, where a "hunter and gather'er' decided a quick snack in the den would be great, even if feathers came with it, tsk tsk tsk.

      So at least one of the bird death enmasse mystery has been solved.  Admitted they were poisoined.  Like I said   Cows should be fed GRASS in their nice cosy fields down on the farm, where the farmer can make a decent living.  and down with mega feed lots.  Birds love to poop on railings.



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