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      Hello, hope to get some suggestions…

      Currently have a experienced dermatologist, she isn’t a melanoma specialist but she found my stage 1a melanoma and other moderate atypical moles.  I am also very grateful she refused to do a shave on my primary melanoma lesion and sent me directly to the plastic surgeon for excision biopsy.  It came back stage 1a/.07mm/clear margins 4.0 mm.  I have the WLE scheduled with this same plastic surgeon to take 10mm.  Along with skin cancer she also performs breast cancer surgery but she is not a melanoma specialist.  She also said no lymph node biopsy is needed.  

      My question is: should I be looking for a dermatologist and surgeon who specializes in melanoma?  Should I have a sugerical oncologist for the WLE?  Thank you 

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          Dermatologists who specialize only in melanoma/cancer are hard to come by.  Your derm is obviously skilled enough to find your first primary and if you are comfortable with her, I don't see any real reason to change.  As for the surgeon, most surgeons do not specialize in just one cancer.  It's actually common to find surgeons who do melanoma and breast cancer because both cancers use SNBs.  Again, I don't see any reason to look elsewhere if you are comfortable with this surgeon.  The real time you absolutely need a melanoma oncologist/specialist is if you are stage III/IV when treatments are being discussed.  Treatment options change and it isn't always easy for general oncologists to be on top of all cancers – hence a specialist is key in that scenario.  For earlier stages, if you have competent derms/surgeons that you are comfortable with, there is no real need to look elsewhere.

            Well, welcome to your new club of sorts, we dont have “jackets” quite yet but maybe in the furure!.. Ok, 1a, serious but not too serious, stay proactive and keep that Derm Doc you have, shes a needle in a haystack! & like what was just said, dont worry about finding a Melanoma Surgeon (they to are hard to find) just a reg Surgeon Oncologist will work fine, they know how cancers (various) grow & they REALLY get in there & clean house, Clean “Margins” is their goal so there’s no reoccurence in that same area..youll be fine Anon, stay proactive & deligent, suit up for all visits & look your NAKED BODY over entirely! Cracks & Crevices included! Youll be fine..
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