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New mole since my last 6 month

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      Hi, I was quite surprised after two yrs to suddenly develop a mole that had to be biopsied for possible 2nd primary melanoma. I was just starting to feel “safe.” I know in my head it is good to find everything early but the doctor was hey it has to go. Sudden new moles are not good anymore and he feels at the age of 52 I wouldn’t be just developing safe new moles though I could.

      My original was Stage 1A on my leg. Now this one is on my back. I saw a picture before removed and it really doesn’t look like anything. Like I have 20 other moles I wish they would just cut off to be safe before that little straight pin top sized thing. Waiting for the biopsy results is never comfortable for me.

      Then of course it makes me wonder if other cancer cells are lurking. I read everyobe else’s journey and I know that I am so fortunate to have found mine so soon, under 1 mm. This has just thrown me for a loop. It feels like multiple sites and multiple spots are not a good thing at all.

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          Hi Chelem- You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Getting regular visits, and getting rid of any suspicious new, or changing lesions is routine maintenance after a melanoma diagnosis. Yeah, waiting on biopsy results sucks, but not knowing, or ignoring changes is worse. I just finished a 5 week run on 9 biopsies, and except for a couple that required some extra margins, all was ok. No new melanoma, which for me was great news. I have north of 500 lesions to keep an eye on, but so far I’ve done relatively well. Holding at 14 primaries now. I went a year without a follow up, and it bit me in the ass with three more melanomas right off the bat. That was back in October, and November, and was enough to light a fire back under me for more due diligence! The rule in nearly every one of mine was “new, or changing “. I’ve had them in all the colors of the rainbow, and been fooled by some that were flying under my radar…and I’m more than slightly paranoid about these things! Routine maintenance is the way to stay on top of it. When in doubt, make it go away!
          Wishing you the best results (most likely will be fine), and stay in touch with us and let us know how it goes.
              Thank you for your encouragement. I am curious how long ago since your first one? And were they all “shallow?” That is so awesome that this last batch came back clear! Encouraging and had to be hopeful for you. I don’t mind being cut on and sacrificing skin. Scars of gratitude. I just mind the thought of them missing one. I did have the doctor tell me that multiples mean nothing too serious if shallow. Can you get them to biopsy more of them at one time? I have about five that the doctor “frets” and I think why mess with it? Off with them. He laughs at me, kindly with amusement, but he still says not yet.

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