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      Hi all, 

      happy to report negative results for two "bumps" I had on my leg and groin. At stage IIB, 2 primaries, I'm continually monitoring. 

      I have a question about monitoring: I see a Derm and surgeon who have lots of experience with melanoma, but how do all of you determine if someone is a specialist? I don't think we have one in Milwaukee, and should I see one at this stage. I may need to travel, but for skin checks, and biopsies?

      Also, I went in for a post surgeon appt today (same dr who biopsied my two bumps), and as long as I was there I asked him to look at two new areas. One dime size (itchy at times) irregular shape, waxy appearance spot, on my left forearm, and a pimple like spot near my primary, left upper arm. He said he could take them off, no problem.  My next skin check is 5 months away.

      Should I just get the two spots cut out? Would they need to biopsied first?

      I also had a primary on my back in July 2015,  and while in for my skin check up last month the derm saw a spot near that primary that looked suspicious and gave the area a shot of nitrogen. The thing is it touched my ( now healed) incision! I also didn't look before the PA gave the treatment. Which I regret.  What if it was Mel? It has scabbed over. Is it common for a spot to appear near a primary almost two years later.?

      i feel like I have a handle on this skin ck stuff , but am really afraid I'll miss something. Or should I be concerned less about spots, and watch for changes? Please advise.

      thank you


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          A mel specialist is especially important for later stages when it involves treament decisions and monitoring side effects. At your stage, if you are comfortable with the derm you see and they will properly biopsy anything of concern, then in my opinion I don't think you need to see a specialist unless one was nearby and it was easy enough to get to them. My dermatologist is at the same office as my oncologist, it's a melanoma center, so all the docs are mel specialists. If you have a university hospital near you with a melanoma center, then that could be an option to check out. Any spots that concern you and/or start changing, have them biopsied. You may never have another primary melanoma, but we can never be too safe.


              Thank you Jenn,

              I am educating myself along the way. Appreciate your comments. I think there is a cancer center affiliated with UW-Madison, not very far from Milwaukee. 



               Hi Kathy, sorry for the late response. I just got a  login  settled.  Froedert & Medical College has a great skin cancer center. I have been under their care for about 18 months when I went to stage four. My doctor is Amy Harker- Murray.



                  Hi Dave,   Well, this makes me feel better. Dr Harker Murray is my doc! She's been vigilant with my care, as I remain gratefully, stage 2B.

                  I'm having a spot on my forearm biopsied on Friday. It sound like we were dx'd around the same time. This Mel world is something, right? It's nice to meet a local Mel warrior, even if this is a club no one wants to join.

                  Please keep me informed, I'll do the same. I wish you all the good news and health you can imagine!

                  Warm regards,



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