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Lump in groin one year after slnb and wle

Forums General Melanoma Community Lump in groin one year after slnb and wle

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      Hi everyone,

      my sister got diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma one year ago (Jan 22), she had a WLE to remove the melanoma from her thigh and a sentinel lymph node biopsy in the groin area which came back negative.

      a month ago, she went for a regular GP check up, the GP noticed a lump in her groin where she had the biopsy, and advised her to see her oncologist for an MRI of the lymph nodes. After this GP appointment my sister went to see her surgical oncologist(one of the best in town), the oncologist examined her and told her that an MRI is not needed, and that the lump is caused by SLNB stiches and then he told her not to worry and that everything is fine (he did not seem worried neither).

      I tried to google but couldnt find info on internal stiches for lymph node biopsy. I know we should trust the oncologist but I am worried that a swollen lymph node is mistaken for an internal stich after SLNB. Anyone had similar symptoms ? / opinion on the subject?

      She is on pembrolizumab adjuvant therapy as well.

      Your answers would be really helpful, as I am really worried the cancer is back in her lymph nodes.

      thanks in advance 🙂

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          Hi there,

          I’m not sure about this but I can tell you my experience. I also had SLNB in my groin. My stitches are “thick” and somewhat bumpy but it’s all within the skin and scar. I would imagine that a lymph node bump would feel like a bump underneath the skin. I assume the difference between stitch bumps and a cancerous lymph node would be very distinct.

          Anyway, as you know surgical oncologist specialize in removing cancer, not necessarily identifying it or looking for signs of it coming back. So I would get a second opinion from a medical oncologist. Your GP thought it was worth getting a second opinion.

          It is smart that you are taken action now to get this figured out. It could be nothing and you can put your mind to rest. Or it could be something and you will have jumped on it as early as possible.

          I would do whatever to takes to put your mind to rest so you can move on with your life.



            Not exactly the same but hopefully might provide some peace of mind. I had a WLE on my calf and lymphnodes removed from my groin (sentinel node positive, Stage III). This is a little over 15 years ago for me. I go in for yearly checks. Over the past ~ 15 years, the Dr’s have thought they felt something lumpy in my groin a couple of times and proceeded with scans, needle biopsies, etc…. In all cases it was negative for melanoma.

            I haven’t ever heard the Dr’s attribute the “lumps” to stitches, but I have thought over the years that there must be a lot going on in that area and it is probably possible that something might feel lumpy periodically. I also remember the surgeon telling me that they have to move a lot of things around to get to the lymphnodes, so very possible that the movement might leave a lump.

            This isn’t to discourage you from the previous post’s suggestion for a second opinion. Just to hopefully give you some comfort that not all lumps turn out bad.

            Best of luck

                15 years NED for stage 3 is very encouraging to hear! Stage A,B or C if you don’t mind me asking?

                  Thanks for the question. I was 3A (pretty sure). I did have one Dr. who thought it was 3B, but most thought it was 3A. I think there was some uncertainty on ulceration, but it has been a long time ago.

                  I have been fortunate. It was very scarry at the time. Yearly checks the last ~12-15 years. Mostly uneventful, but the last 4-5 years almost every year there was something the Dr’s were concerned about that required additional testing. All turned out well. I am hoping to get back to the boring annual checkups again.

                  Best of luck to you!

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