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Long swim to UCSF

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      And the waters  are filled with shark's  to quickly  rubber  stamp  a big "No".

      Since my last post , I  have  been  navigating  the system  to get to UCSF, and to their  credit ,  the university  has been helping  me quite  a bit . They now have all the needed pathology , scans, and referrals  on me , and have been working  hard to help me get there .  I was supposed  to be there this Tuesday , the 18th. But after my insurance  denied  my appeal  to the original  denial,   my appointment  has been canceled .  I'm   still arguing  my case with the medical  director  who denied  me coverage .  His reasoning  was "You have an oncologist , and dermatologist  here."

      Of course  no one here is a melanoma  specialist , and I've  been around  this board long enough  now to know what I   need, not to mention  no one here knows  what to do with me at this point. So, UCSF has rescheduled  me for May 9th. They're  still  hoping  it gets resolved  by then,  as do I  . But even if  I  get denied  yet again , I  am  making the trip. My thinking  is get my foot in the door asap,and get eyes  on me that will know what to do .  I refuse  to let some shirt who doesn't  know anything about me,  and is trying pinch pennies  stop me from getting  where I need  to go. 

      I swear , navigating  the system  is as frustrating  as the disease  sometimes .

      Open to any suggestions  how to push this along ,but come hell or high water, I'll be at UCSF  on May 9th.


      Aloha  to all in fight ! 


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          Damn that sounds frustrating Bob, so sorry. UCSF has gone above the call of duty for me quite a few times with insurance and other crap that a patient shouldn't have to stress about. So, I am rooting for your journey over here to the mainland, you deserve excellent docs! 


              Hey Jenn,

              I must say UCSF   has already  been  a pleasure  to work  with. I've  had several  people  there really  help me navigate  the road. They actually  call me every  few days  or so to keep  me moving  in the right  direction .  That in itself  is totally  new for me. They actually  call me. What a concept . 

              May 9th.. I'm there . 



              Hi Bob,

              As a fellow islander who travels to UCSF, I wish I had something brilliant to add.  I have been paying my own way as insurance had flatly denied covering travel expenses.  It has not been easy, but I feel worth it.  Your determination to go could save your life so do what you must.  One suggestion is to connect with the social workers at UCSF who may be able to point to some charities who help cover travel costs under certain conditions.  My local onc will follow the treatment recommendations of the specialist so that can make a big difference.  Best in the battle.



                  Hey Gary,

                  It took me awhile  to realize  I had run out of options  here. Knowing  you experienced  the same thing will actually  help me stayed focus on just taking the necessary  steps to facilitate  me getting  to California . 

                  I'm going on the 9th. If I get some help great , but I'm  going. I believe  I can work it out in a similar  way. I just have to start the process . To work  with someone  who works  with the beast. I get it. Finally . 

                  I appreciate  the help,and I will search out the social  workers  as well . 

                  Mahalo  brah

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