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Is pink nodular melanoma ever soft and not visually growing?

Forums General Melanoma Community Is pink nodular melanoma ever soft and not visually growing?

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      Hello. Had a new raised mole develop on my scalp, along with 5 or so other growths develop on the scalp within a short time. Im 32 M. I just had a biopsy a couple weeks ago and get results this coming Friday. Meanwhile I’m on meds because I am terrified. What really scares me is that my right jaw has been seemingly “swollen” the past few weeks and has been in pain. This is close to the first mole that developed above my right ear. I also recently developed swollen nodes in my right neck. But this may be because I took off the mole myself. Yes, I am an idiot and out of desperation I used acv to burn off the mole.

      This is not the specific mole that was biopsied, my derm took off the newest growth because they were “all related”. So I said what the heck and did it. Yes, really stupid. Now here I have to pray that the swollen lymph nodes in my neck were from me being an idiot and taking the mole off with a home remedy. It’s still scabbed up and healing. Now the painful jaw? I have no idea. Diagnosed as tmj, but my mind doubts it.


      What I really wanted to know is can pink or amelanotic nodular melanoma develop randomly and not change for 8-10 months since developing? Can it also not be firm? Mine was say about a little less than a staples width and maybe the height of half a pencil eraser. It is pink only and moves around when touched. The first derm I went to was super confident it was a benign mole even though I showed him all the other growths that had been popping up. I’m just really concerned with everything that has been happening along with it. Not only pain, but fatigue and night sweats. Very concerning.

      Just everything I see on google says “firm… growing” Just want to know.

      Thank you. You guys are awesome.

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          Hi Skip,
          Melanoma can look different than the classic poster on the wall of the exam room. Also, there are so many different kinds of lesions, many benign. So, two more days to wait for biopsy results! In the mean time, breathe! We can get ourselves worked up when facing the unknown. You could also see your dentist about the jaw pain and the lymph nodes in the neck.
          Best wishes for a good outcome, Cindy
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