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Injections for nodes on neck?

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      Scans this week revealed two nodes in my neck positive for melanoma.

      For treatment, we’re discussing:
      1. Lymph node removal (This would be neck surgery #3 in 15 months. Bleh!)
      2. Adding Ipi to current Nivo
      3. A series of injections with electroporation and Pembro (clinical trial “Pisces”)
      4. A series of injections without electroporation and without Nivo or Pembro or Ipi

      Has anyone done #3 or #4? Results? Side effects? Other comments? I’m particularly queeeeeeasy about the electroporation.

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          I start TVEC on the 20th of December for a lymph node in my neck.  I was sold by the 60% response rate and the no surgery or radiation.  It may not work, but anything is better than more surgery.  TVEC is also an injection.  I am not familiar with the term or process of electroporation.  Just thought I would share about TVEC.  It sounds like quite a weapon against the beast that is mel.



              Brad, thank you for responding. You have certainly been through it with Mel; I share your hobby.  I'm going to ask my docs about TVEC, particularly since it's an approved treatment, rather than a study.  A 60% success rate certainly sounds better than the 30% referenced for the Pisces study. Thanks again. I sure hope TVEC wipes out the lymph node problem for you. Sending luck, luck, luck your way. Standing by for your postings.


              My story is somewhat similar to yours.  Primary on my scalp May 2015 removed with (2) sentinel nodes and 1 node had a protein in it that melanoma makes.  Staged 3A, progressed 6 months later so had major surgery on neck and had 55 lymph nodes removed, 5 came back positive.  Reoccured with cancer returning to my scars in neck again, quick surgery again but then Doctor said I was eligible for stage iv drugs.  They were going to start me on keytruda but then my scan showed lesions all over my liver, spleen etc. so they started me on ippi/nivo.  I tolerated all 4 doses and have been doing well since. Heidi


                  Heidi, thank you for responding. Congratulations for tolerating all four ipi-nivo doses! That actually gives me hope. I hope the combo wiped out the lesions in your organs, and I'm glad to hear you are doing well after treatment. Wishing you continued good health. 

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