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In honor of Josh I post good news

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      I'm going to take my own advice that I give others, that it never hurts to post good news for our community, but I do it in honor of Josh.  Josh is literally the reason I'm here on this board, when my husband was first biopsied at his regular dermatologist, there was a comment in the pathology report he handed me that Saturday night he told me he had Melanoma and the initial report said possible Primary Dermal Melanoma (by the way, our oncologist at MD Anderson won't talk about that!).  Everything else on the pathology report was horrible so I totally held on to the one ray of hope.  So of course I googled it and up popped Josh's comment from 2011 and I clicked on it and landed me here on this forum.  I needed any hope I could get and that came in the form of Josh.  

      It's so ridiculous that I get good news on the day that Josh leaves us.  I'm as angry as those who posted  I will honor him by running with these results and living each day that we have.  

      I just spoke with Dr. Amaria and my husband John's scans were clear (CT head, chest, and abdomen).  It's been a year since his last scan so I was convinced everything was going to be bad (and he's had headaches lately, we forget that you can have a headache and it's not a tumor!) and had multiple panic attacks this week, but she quickly said all looks good.  That puts us at 3.5 years NED.  

      Thank you Josh.  I'm so sorry for your kids, wife and family, they lost so much.  Because of what happened and your MPIP friendship, I'm hoping our family can run with melanoma NED for a while, need to drop off the board for now. I love all of you dearly and hope for nothing but good news for all and forever.  Semper Fi Josh and godspeed.



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          Soo happy  for you both! Amazing news Jacqueline! 

          May this NED status last forever!



          sister of patient

            I think this was a very nice way to pay tribute to Josh!! And I'm so glad to hear your news – we need to know that longer term NEDs are still NED – and may John's be forever!!

            Your post also reminded me of how I found this board – it was a post from Mat right after my sister's first dx about 2 years ago – came up in general search results. Without this site, we would've been almost completely in the dark. So a "shout-out" to Mat from me to say Thank You!! and to all those who keep posting to let us know how you are!!

            Peace and love to all!!




              Well said and congrats, Jackie!!!  May your husband's NED status continue! c


                Jackie- As many have said before, we should never feel badly for posting good news….its so important, and especially these days….and we cant have too many tributes to josh, jamie and those who've gone before  them.

                May your husbands NED last forever!!!!!!



                Nick C

                  So happy to hear the good news! May it continue for years to come.

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